Scission is the second encounter in the new Destiny 2 raid, Root of Nightmares. You get to this encounter after a fairly long jumping section. The encounter simply expands on the mechanics introduced in the first encounter. The entire thing can also get frustrating really quickly since you sort of need to use jumping pads which usually work 50 percent of the time which is why I recommend using Swords with Eager Edge whenever you are needed to cross the gap — more on it later.

Destiny 2: Root of Nightmares Scission

Before starting the encounter, please note that I assume you know how the raid mechanics work. If you do not, please refer to our First Encounter guide to learn it.

After entering the area, you will see that it is split into two sides and multiple floors. There will be a Light orb on one side and a Dark orb on the other side. After rallying to the flag, split your fireteam into two — one runner and two add-clearers. Once that is decided, jump to your respective sides and shoot the orbs to start the encounter.

The runners basically need to connect the nodes just like the first encounter but this time around, they will need to cross the gap. This is why I recommend using a Sword with Eager Edge since it is a little consistent as compared to using the jumping pads which do not always work.

The people responsible for clearing adds will have to deal with some Cabal, a Barrier Champion, and a boss at the end of each floor. Aside from this, there will also be some shielded enemies which can only be damaged if you have the buff from the orbs that the runners are shooting. However, it is important to note that not every node will grant this buff. You can only get it from the node that has an aura around it.

The best way to get it is to wait inside the aura until your runner comes to shoot it. Whenever your runner shoots it, everyone in the aura will get the buff needed to kill the immune enemies. After both nodes have been completed, a boss will spawn. Kill it, move onto the upper floor, and repeat the same process until you receive the chest at the end. You will need to complete it on all three floors.

Best Loadouts

When it comes to the best loadouts for this encounter, there is a lot of flexibility. Things such as Machine Guns, Waveframe GLs, roaming Supers, etc. are really, really good! I recommend the runners use a Sword with Eager Edge if they need to cross the gap fast and Wellskate, Shatterskate, etc. effectively.

Scission Immune Enemies Bug

There is also a bug that prevents the immune enemies from being killed even if you have the buff. This is a known bug that a lot of players have reported. This usually requires you to restart your encounter but it is very annoying if you experience it on the last floor. You can, however, use The Colony to kill these enemies even if they are immune. This will save you a ton of time.

This is all we have on how to complete Scission in the new Root of Nightmares raid. For any other questions, you can let us know in the comments below!

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