The Veil is not the only secret Neomuna holds. There is a secret Public Event, collectibles, etc. which you can collect. One of these are various Action Figures scattered around Neomuna. There are a total of 9 Action Figures which you can find to unlock the “They are not Dolls” triumph. You also need to find all of them for the Virtual Fighter seal. In this Destiny 2: Lightfall guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about finding all the Actions Figures in Neomuna.

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Week 1

There are only two Action Figures which you can collect in Week 1. Below, you can find all their locations:

Action Figure #1

You need to travel to Ahimsa Park from the Strider’s Gate until you can see the Typhon Imperator in the distance. In this area, you will see a building with a curved rooftop. You need to enter this building and find it hiding under the stairs. For reference it is the same building where you fight the last boss of Terminal Overload.

Action Figure #2

This one is a little complex than the first one. The first thing that you need to do is to reach Irkalla Complex. To reach this area, you will need to visit Zephyr Concourse. And from there, visit ESI Terminal. From this area, stick to the left side until you arrive at the Irkalla Complex. From there, keep on dropping down the balconies until you see a Darkness portal — this is the same area from where you are asked to grapple onto a Thrasher in the campaign.

From there, you need to drop down the hole, jump onto each cannons in the area and use a Sniper Rifle to look at the direction these cannons are facing. You should be able to see a small Pyramid Crystal in the distance. You need to shoot it, repeat for each cannon, and you will receive the Action Figure after hitting all three Pyramid Crystals.

Week 2

Similar to the first week, there are two Action Figures that you can find during the second week. Below, you can find the locations for both of them:

Action Figure #3

You need to head over to Zephyr Concourse and explore the area for a small bar. In there, you will find an object which you need to interact with. After that, you need to stay behind the bar and defeat every incoming Cabal. You will find the collectible on the bar after you have defeated all the enemies.

Zephyr Concourse Action Figure

Action Figure #4

For this one, you will need to light three fires across Maya’s Retreat. After you are done, you will receive the Action Figure. We will have a complete video guide in a short while.

Week 3

Again, there are only two Action Figures that you can collect this week:

Action Figure #5

From the Landing Zone in Liming Harbor, you need to head straight and take a left in the area where the final boss of Overload Terminal appears. In this area, you will see the entrance of a side-building with a reception desk in the front. You basically need to activate something on the desk, stay there, and ensure that no enemies are able to get to the two doors behind the desk. Power weapons such as Machine Guns are excellent for this.

Action Figure #6

For this one, you need to travel to the ESI Terminal — the same area where we destroy the Cabal jammer for the first time during te LF campaign. Once there, enter the side-room and interact with the sink in there. After that you will need to dunk a few orbs in the right positions withtout dying. After that is done, you will receive the Action Figure.

Placing the Action Figures

After you have acquired some Action Figures, you will need to reach Strider’s Gate and see down below toward your right. There should be a yellow building. You need to enter the building and place these Action Figures.

This is how to find all the Action Figures on Neomuna in Destiny 2: Lightfall. If you have other questions, feel free to let us know in the comments down below!

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