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Destiny 2 Legendary Sundial Guide: What Is Different In Legendary?


With the new reset of Destiny 2, players can now access the new Legendary Sundial activity. This is a harder version of the regular Sundial Activity that players have had access to since the start of the new season. In order to get the Devil’s Ruin exotic sidearm, you need to complete the Destiny 2 Legendary Sundial. In this guide, we are going to go over the Legendary Sundial activity in Destiny 2 and how you can complete it.

Note: We have heard that you can get the Devil’s Ruin exotic quest by completing the normal Sundial activity but that has yet to be confirmed.

How To Complete Legendary Sundial In Destiny 2

The Legendary Sundial activity does not have matchmaking so you need to be in a fireteam in if you are not interested in playing the activity alone. The normal version of the activity does have matchmaking so that is one of the differences between the ordinary version and the legendary version of the Sundial.

Destiny 2 Legendary Sundial

Legendary Sundial Modifiers And Champions

The basic differences between the Legendary Sundial and the regular version are the modifiers and the different kinds of champions that you will encounter. The different encounters are all the same, so if you have done the normal version of the activity then you will find the Legendary version to be similar in terms of the mechanics.

The following are the modifiers that are applied when you do the Legendary Sundial in Destiny 2:

Scorched EarthEnemies throw grenades significantly more often.
Equipment LockedYou will not be able to change weapons and gear once the activity is started.
Match GameEnemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched element damage.
Champions: UnstoppableUnstoppable champions will spawn. You cannot defeat them without the unstoppable mod.
Champions: BarrierBarrier champions will spawn. You cannot defeat them without the anti-barrier mod.
Ozletc’s ClepsydraArc damage increased. Increased knockback damage and distance.
ExtinguishIf your fireteam falls in a restricted zone everyone is returned to orbit

Helpful Mods For Sundial

Before we get into how you are supposed to complete the activity let’s look at some of the mods that can be helpful to you:

  • Major Resist
  • Minor Resist
  • Arc Resist
  • Solar Resist

Legendary Sundial Encounters And How They Work

Once you activate the Sundial, a door will open to a random encounter. The next encounters depend on how well you do in the first activity. If you do well then you might have to do another one but if you do poorly then you will find yourself doing a couple of these activities. Once you have enough points, you will face off against the boss at the end.

You want to perform well in these activities if you are interested in farming the Sundial so that you can spend the least amount of time to get to the final boss and the rewards. There are three different activities that you can get before reaching the final boss.


One of the activities that you will have to take part in the Sundial is called Gatecrash. Once you activate the activity, you will see a couple of markers on your screen. You will find three minotaurs surrounded by goblins. You will need to eliminate the minotaurs.

Each of these will drop an orb that you need to pick up. Once the orb is picked up, it will lead you to one of three different locations in which the orb needs to be placed. When you have this orb, you cannot use double jump. Keep that in mind as there is a lake in which you can fall in. You will need to do this two more times.

Remember that once you have placed an orb at one location, you cannot place another orb in that same location. Once you have done this, a boss will spawn. You will need to take out this boss as soon as possible as there is a timer.

Once you take out the boss, you need to repeat the activity all over again until the next boss spawns. Repeat this process until the final boss spawns and kill him as well. Even if there is some time remaining the activity will end once the final boss is killed.


This is another activity in the Legendary Sundial in Destiny 2. In this counter, you will need to stand at a point and defend it. You will need to stand in the location in order to progress and enemies are going to spawn around you.

During this encounter, the Vex wall is going to turn red. This means that your progress has stopped. In order to resume the progress, you need to look around and find the psion that has a shield around it. You need to jump into the shield and melee the psion just like you do in the Leviathan raid. This will allow you to resume the progress.

A bubble is going to be very helpful here. Once the datamine progress is complete, two more spots will open up. This is where your team needs to split up. Each team is going to have to secure one of the points. 3 players are going to be at one spot while the other 3 are going to be on the other spot.

The mechanics are pretty much the same, you need to defend the plate and a psion is going to spawn from time to time which you need to kill. Remember that someone needs to be on the plate at all times.


This is the final activity that you can get during the Legendary Sundial activity in Destiny 2. In this encounter, there will be a boss in the middle with an immunity shield. In order to take down this shield and damage the boss, you need to kill the glowing cabal and pick up the balls that they drop. Throw the ball at the immune boss to damage the immune shield.

Once you do this a couple of times, you can use shotguns, heavy weapons and supers in order to kill the boss. You can also keep throwing the orbs at the boss to damage him even when the shield is down. OInce the boss is down, another one will spawn and you will need to take him out at as well.

The Boss Fight

The boss rotates every week. The boss are different in terms of their attacks but taking them out is very similar. The void boss uses shields you to keep you in place. You will have to shoot the orbs inside the shield in order to be able to move around again. After a time, the boss is going to go immune.

In order to take down the shield of the boss, you need to look for shielded psions in the area and take them out. Once you have taken down all the psions in the arena, you will be able to deal damage to the boss again. All you have to do is repeat this process until the boss is deal.

Once you have defeated the boss you will be teleported out of the Legendary Sundial activity. You can then interact with the Sundial in order to pick your rewards.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Legendary Sundial Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the new season then you can check out our guide on where to find Saint-14 ghost shell.

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