With the release of Season of the Deep, every weapon from the Last Wish raid is now craftable. Aside from being craftable, every weapon now has a refreshed perk-pool. This has pushed several underperforming weapons like Apex Predator, Techeun Force, Age-Old Bond, etc. to being top-tier. Probably the fastest method of completing all the red-borders (Deepsight Weapons) is to farm Kalli whenever Last Wish is the Featured Raid in Destiny 2.


Farming Kalli, the Corrupted in Destiny 2

Before we begin, please note that this guide assumes you understand the encounter. If you do not, I recommend learning the encounter from this video by Datto:

There are two ways to farm Kalli in Destiny 2:

  1. Doing the Challenge Mode which is a little slower but rewards an extra piece of loot which can also be a red-border.
  2. Cheesing the encounter which can be done in under a minute but does not reward any extra loot.

Both the methods are super-efficient and you can run whatever your group prefers.

Challenge Mode

To do the Challenge Mode, you will need to capture all nine plates – including three incorrect ones. Capturing an incorrect plate will cause an Ogre to spawn in the middle. You need to ensure that you defeat all three Ogres before defeating Kalli, the Corrupted. To make it a little easier, your team should first capture three incorrect plates before capturing six correct plates.

As for damaging her, weapons such as Sleeper Simulant, Leviathan’s Breath, Legendary LFRs, etc. are all good. You can also use Tractor Cannon to weaken her and a Well of Radiance to boost your damage even further.

Cheesing Kalli

To cheese Kalli, you will need five Hunters on Golden Gun with Star-Eater Scales. The last player can be a Titan with Ward of Dawn or a Warlock with Well of Radiance. You will also need player with Anarchy or Witherhoard.

One player needs to go to Kalli and stick her with Anarchy or Witherhoard as soon as her shield disappears. The remaining five players need to gather at any plate and step on it until she teleports there. Once she TPs there, use all the Golden Guns to damage her, collect nearby Orbs, and use Golden Guns again until her HP reaches zero. Wait for a few seconds for her to disappear for a moment before reappearing at the same spot before finishing her off with anything.

Once the loot appears, return to Orbit, launch again, and repeat.

This is how you can easily farm Kalli in Destiny 2 for Last Wish red-border weapons. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!