When it comes to Destiny 2 builds that can solo endgame content, Void Hunters have always been a safe choice. Now that Bungie has made Devour available on all Void subclasses, Void Hunters are even better than before. And while The Sixth Coyote and Omnioculus still remain completely viable options, the build centers on Gryfalcon’s Hauberk.


The build is viable for both solo and fireteam activities. You have good sustain with Devour, debuff from Shadowshot, really good add-clear with Volatile Rounds, and the ability to go invisible on demand. Sold yet? Let us give you a breakdown of the best Void Hunter build in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep.


The subclass setup is fairly identical to most Void Hunter builds out there. Super is entirely a personal preference but we suggest Deadfall for an increased debuff duration. Our selected Fragments ensure that we have easy access to Devour which gives us HP on every kill, invisibility on Finishers which synergizes greatly with Gryfalcon’s Hauberk, and increases the duration of these effects to keep the loop going.

In case you do not know, Quickfall provides an extra 2 seconds of invisibility as compared to using your Snare Bomb.

SuperShadowshot: Mobius Quiver or Shadowshot: Deadfall
AbilitiesVortex Grenade, Gambler’s Dodge
AspectsTrapper’s Ambush, Stylish Executioner
FragmentsPersistence, Starvation, Obscurity, Harvest


To take advantage of Gryfalcon’s Hauberk, you need to use Void weapons. The higher RPM ones can proc. Volatile Rounds more frequently, making those our first priority. We have some recommendations for you but feel free to work with whatever you have got as long as it is Void.

KineticWitherhoard, Izanagi’s Burden, Heritage, Supremacy
EnergyFunnelweb, The Hero’s Burden, Wavesplitter, Unforgiven
PowerCommemoration, Retrofit Escapade, Leviathan’s Breath

There are a lot of choices that you can go for depending on the rolls, what you have available, encounters, etc.

  • Destiny 2 Void Hunter Weapon Recommendations
  • Destiny 2 Void Hunter Weapon Recommendations
  • Destiny 2 Void Hunter Weapon Recommendations


The entire Void Hunter build is based on Exotic Chest Armor, Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk. When equipped, exiting invisibility grants Volatile Rounds to all Void Weapons for 10 seconds which is huge for add-clear. Also, if you perform a Finisher while being invisible, you (and nearby teammates) get improved Class Ability regeneration and a reserve Overshield. Furthermore, all your weapons get bonus damage – this does not apply to your allies.

Credits: Bungie via RespawnFirst

If you want to do some DPS with your Super, you can swap to Orpheus Rig or Star-Eater Scales right before the DPS phase starts.

Armor Mods

A combination of proper Armor Mods is needed to have the build running. The build also uses a few Artifact Mods which really help it come alive. This means that these get depreciated in the next season but we will update the guide to reflect any changes.

HeadVoid Siphon, Powerful Friends
ArmsBolstering Detonation, Void Loader
ChestResist Mods
LegsVoid Weapon Surge, Recuperation, Elemental Charge
Class ItemPowerful Attraction, Reaper, Bomber

There is a little leeway if you want to swap around a few things. For example, you can run multiple Weapon Surge Mods, Reserves, Ammo Finders, etc.

Artifact Mods

Unto the Breach, Protective Breach, Supernova, and Squad Goals.

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Stats Distribution

Unless it is nerfed into the ground, you need to run T10 Resilience as your first priority. The next important stat is Mobility since we will need to use Quickfall frequently. And lastly, focus on getting as much Discipline as possible. The rest of the stats do not matter a whole lot.

Due to our selected Fragments, your Recovery will take a big hit but it is not a super helpful stat for us so we should be fine.

Gameplay Loop

The gameplay loop is simple. You start with going invisible with Quickfall and perform a Finisher on an enemy while being invisible for a reserve Overshield and a damage boost.

Exit invisibility to get Volatile Rounds and defeat another enemy with VRs to activate Stylish Executioner and go invisible again while also creating a Void Breach and an Orb of Power.

Now use your Gambler’s Dodge near an enemy to refund your Snare Bomb, collect all Orbs of Power with Powerful Attraction, activate Devour, receive some healing with Recuperation, and get increased damage with Void Surge.

Continue this loop of going invisible with Stylish Executioner or Echo of Obscurity and only use Quickfall when you have no other means of going invisible.

We hope this Void Hunter Build helped you a little. If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to let us know.