While the Solar Hunters certainly lack the survivability of Void/Arc in endgame, there are a number of pros of running a Solar Hunter build in Destiny 2. If you like to chain explosions to clear the entire room, melt bosses in seconds, and have good survivability, this is the perfect build for you.


The build uses Exotic Leg Armor, Radiant Dance Machines to do an insane amount of burst DPS which is further enhanced with Blade Barrage that remains one of the highest damaging Supers. To push the build to its full potential, it does require you to have a very specific roll of either the reissued Apex Predator from the Last Wish raid or Cold Comfort from the new Ghosts of the Deep dungeon.

Let us do a detailed breakdown of the best Solar Hunter build you need to try in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep.


The subclass setup is pretty standard. For our Super, we are running Blade Barrage since we need a lot of burst DPS. Our selected Fragments will let us easily get Radiant for a 25% damage buff if we do not have access to a Well of Radiance. We will also apply a lot of Scorch stacks to help with clearing adds.

Super Blade Barrage
Abilities Marksman’s Dodge, Knife Trick, Healing Grenade
Aspects On Your Mark, Knock ‘Em Down
Fragments Ashes, Solace, Torches, Empyrean, Singeing


The most important weapons for the build are Power Weapons. You have 2 options here: the reissued Apex Predator from the Last Wish raid or Cold Comfort from the new Ghosts of the Deep dungeon. The only perk that you need to have is Bait and Switch which is a 35% damage buff, the highest Rocket Launchers can get.

Apex Predator is a little easier to obtain since it is craftable and you can easily get the Weapon Pattern whenever LW is in rotation by infinitely farming Kali in under a minute:

For other slots, you have plenty of options:

Kinetic Witherhoard, Izanagi, Succession, Supremacy
Energy Anything with Incandescent: Ammit AR2, CALUS Mini-tool, Acasia’s Dejection, etc.


The build uses Exotic Leg Armor, Radiant Dance Machines, to function. We need them to continually dodge and reload our Rocket Launcher during a full DPS phase. Almost all of our rockets will also have Bait and Switch activated, resulting in an insane amount of burst DPS.

Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Build [Radiant Dance Machines]

To activate Radiant Dance Machines, weaken an enemy and keep it alive – it should be in your line of sight. When DPS starts, dodge near the boss or an enemy to activate Radiant Dance Machines and then kill the weakened enemy you prepared earlier to increase the duration of the free dodges from RDMs.

Armor Mods

A proper Armor Mods setup is crucial for the build to work. It will ensure that you have a consistent gameplay loop. The suggested Armor Mods are to help you have the maximum ability uptime and DPS potential.

Head Solar Siphon, Radiant Light, Ammo Finder
Arms Heavy Handed, Focusing Strike
Chest Charged Up, Resist Mods
Legs 2-3 Solar/Stasis Weapon Surge
Class Item Reaper, Time Dilation, Powerful Attraction

If you do not need Resist Mods, you can also use Reserve Mods but we do not recommend it.

Stats Distribution

Resilience continues to be the most important stat. in Destiny 2 even after nerfs. You need to have T10 Resilience to minimize random one-shots. Next, try to maximize Discipline for Healing Grenades. This will increase your survivability substantially. If you have any mod slots left, increase your Mobility as much as possible.

Since we are using Ember of Torches and Ember of Empyrean, your stats will take a small hit. Keep the important stats in mind and try your best to build around them.

Gameplay Loop

Before the DPS phase starts, you need to ensure that you have a red-bar enemy in your line of sight. During the DPS phase, use the following rotation:

  1. Shoot either Witherhoard or Izanagi.
  2. Fire your Secondary Weapon once.
  3. Dodge to activate Radiant Dance Machines.
  4. Use the Knife Trick to kill the red-bar enemy you prepared to become Radiant and extend the timer of RDMs.
  5. Swap to Apex Predator and begin firing. Dodge to reload Apex Predator and fire as many Bait and Switch rockets as possible.
  6. When out of rockets, use your Blade Barrage, reapply Witherhoard, and continue to damage with your Secondary.

As for clearing trash, any Incandescent weapon with Knife Trick should be more than sufficient.

We hope our Solar Hunter Build for Destiny 2 proved helpful! If you have any other questions, be sure to let us know!