With today’s weekly reset, the first of Grandmaster Ordeal Nightfalls and Guardian Games are now live in Destiny 2. The Olympic-styled event will pit all three classes against each other to see who reigns supreme. At the end of the event, the Tower will be decorated with the colors and sigils of the winning team. Hint: it’s going to be Warlocks. And of course, there will be a ton of loot to earn.


Destiny 2 Guardian Games

Guardian Games will last for an entire month, ending on May 21, 2020, on the weekly reset. You’ll need to install update 2.8.1 to play the game so make sure to sign-in a little early before 10:00 AM PDT. Guardian Games is free for everyone as long as you’re at least at Power Level 770 or higher. To begin, simply head over to the Tower and speak with Eva Levante.

Now that you know about how to get started with Guardian Games in D2, let’s talk about earning points for your class to ensure its victory.

How to Earn Points in Guardian Games?

To earn points for your class during Guardian Games, you’ll need to turn in “Medals” and pick up “Laurels”.


Medals are essentially bounties that you can obtain from Eva and complete to increase your class’s daily score. Laurels, on the other hand, are awarded for defeating other players and completing Crucible/Gambit matches.

In order to open up Eva’s daily reward packages, you’ll need to complete at least one medal/bounty daily.

The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is always wearing your Guardian Games class item, without which, you won’t be able to increase your class’ daily score from medals/bounties. The color of these class items will also change daily depending on the class’s daily ranking.

  • 1st place class item will be Gold
  • 2nd place class item will be Silver
  • 3rd place class item will be Bronze

The Balancing Act

Since everyone, their children, and dogs play Hunters, Bungie has confirmed that the scoring will act in a way that will give Warlocks and Titans an equal shot at winning it all. And no, Bungie is not preventing Hunters from winning it all, it’s just balancing the overwhelming population of Hunters that’s playing the game.


Destiny 2 Exotics and Guardian Games Loot

Aside from bragging rights and settling the debate as to which class reigns supreme once and for all, there’s a ton of loot to earn. In this section, we’ve provided an overview of everything you can earn during Guardian Games:

  • Heir Apparent Exotic HMG: An exotic HMG which provides players with an Arc shield when firing at full HP and a damage perk. You can check out our guide on how you can get this weapon.
  • Three Exotic Ghost Shells: Each week, players will be able to complete Eva’s weekly quest and earn one of the three Exotic Ghost Shells
  • Eververse Items: Eververse will be selling a Finisher for Silver and a Sparrow/Ship for Bright Dust which you should be able to farm from Eva’s medals/bounties
  • Guardian Games Box: Completing “On Your Laurel” weekly quest will let you earn a real-world Guardian Games box with a ton of goodies.

This is all we’ve got in our Destiny 2 Guardian Games guide. For more on the game, check our Destiny 2 wiki page. And Warlocks! Assemble.


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