Similar to earlier dungeons in Destiny 2, there are a couple of Secret Chests that you can get in Ghosts of the Deep. These are needed to unlock the Ghoul seal and for a chance to earn your desired rolls. This guide will show you the locations of both the Secret Chests in Ghosts of the Deep.


Destiny 2: Ghosts of the Deep Secret Chests

Before we share their locations, please note that you can only get duplicates from these Secret Chests. This means there is a 0 percent chance of getting something that you have not already obtained. You can only get random-rolls of the gear that you have already acquired from the main encounters.

Other than that, you cannot get Navigator, the Strand-based Exotic Trace Rifle, from these chests. That is purely a boss-drop and heavily reliant on RNG. With that said, here are the locations of both the Secret Chests in the newest Destiny 2 dungeon:

Secret Chest 1
You will need to reach the bottom of Hallowfathom for the 1st Secret Chest. Once you have reached the bottom, you will need to jump off a coral cliff to progress ahead. You will also notice a Knight hurling Arc Bolts from above.


Ghosts of the Deep 1st Secret Chest

After dealing with enemies, turn around where you came from and you will see an opening above. The 1st Secret Chest is in this area.

Secret Chest 2
For the 2nd one, continue to the last boss through an open area with a few Wizards, Shriekers, Knights, etc. At the end, a Hive Ogre will appear after which you will be able to drop down to the last boss.

Instead of dropping down, climb the structure where the Ogre spawned for the Secret Chest.


These are both the Secret Chests found in Ghosts of the Deep in Destiny 2. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments down below.