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Destiny 2 Ghosts Of The Deep Dungeon God Roll Weapons Guide


Ghost of the Deep is the new dungeon in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. The weapons of the dungeon have a new origin trait and come with different rolls. In this Destiny 2 guide, we go over the weapons of the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon and their god rolls that you should be farming.

Weapon God Rolls For Ghosts Of The Deep Dungeon In Destiny 2

The weapons of the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon in Destiny 2 have the origin trait called Restoration Ritual. This allows you to reload your weapon and have a full magazine available to you when you revive an ally or defeat combatants with a finisher. This means that after you have revived an ally or defeated an enemy with a finisher, you can shoot your weapon, and once it runs out of ammo, you do not need to reload, and you will get another full magazine that you can fire without interruption.

The following are all the Ghosts of the Deep weapons that you can get, and their recommended god rolls that you should farm.

No Survivors – Legendary SMG

We would recommend getting a Demolitionist and Incandescent roll for the No Survivors legendary SMG. We can also recommend pairing Demolitionist with Target Lock or Adrenaline. No Survivors does have a low reload speed, so we recommend getting a roll with a reload Masterwork or getting a reload perk like Light Mag.

New Pacific Epitaph – Legendary Grenade Launcher

For the New Pacific Epitaph legendary grenade launcher, we recommend getting Demolitionist in the first slot and any of the rolls in the second since they are all pretty good.

Greasy Luck – Legendary Glaive

For the Greasy Luck legendary glaive, we recommend Replenishing Aegis and Unstoppable Force. Close to melee is another great perk to have.

Cold Comfort – Legendary Rocket Launcher

For the Cold Comfort legendary rocket launcher, we recommend Envious Assassin as the first perk, along with Bait and Switch. Other perks that pair well with Envious Assassins are Chill Clip and Explosive Light.

These are the god roll weapons that you should be farming in Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep dungeon. To learn more, you can check out our guide on how you can cheese the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon.

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