Destiny 2 the Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun Guide

Destiny 2 the Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun Guide

Tonight’s weekly reset has added another exotic weapon called The Fourth Horseman (the first one being Tommy’s Matchbook) to Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. But unlike Tommy’s Matchbook, The Fourth Horseman is locked behind an exotic questline. Here’s everything you need to know about completing the quest to unlock The Fourth Horseman exotic shotgun in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy.

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy The Fourth Horseman

The Fourth Horseman is a returning exotic shotgun from Destiny 1 with a few changes to its perks. We’ll discuss the perks at the end but first, let’s talk about unlocking The Fourth Horseman in the game.

1. Enter the Vault
First of all, you’ll need to enter Commander Zavala’s office in the Tower. It’s akin to something we did back when unlocking Leviathan’s Breath exotic bow.

To get to his office, jump down onto the fenced walkway from in front of Eververse and Postmaster. Once you’re on the walkway down, go straight and head right to drop down another set of stairs. Once you’re all the way down, turn left and you’ll find yourself in front of the office door. There are a lot of cool Easter Eggs that you can find in this room including:

  • Speaker’s Mask
  • A mixtape from Lord Shaxx
  • Trials’ Ornament
  • Newton’s Cradle

However, what you’re looking for is to find the secret vault. To find it, head down the stairs and into a vent directly underneath the stairs. From there, keep on following the normal path until you get to a walkway with orange lights and some pipes on both sides. After getting out of this walkway, head left, and jump on the shelf on the right side into another vent.

Keep on going straight and drop down from the end, head up the stairs, head left, and into the vault … only to find The Fourth Horseman missing from the vault. If you want to video instructions, check the video below:

2. Missing in Action
Upon learning that the exotic shotgun is missing from the vault in Zavala’s office, return to him and inform him all about it.

3. Fresh Lead
For this step, you’ll need to fly over to Hellas Basin on Mars and talk to Ana Bray about the missing weapon.

4. On the Hunt
Ana will tell you to defeat Cabal and complete Public Events on Mars in order to collect 1,000 pieces of Intel. I’d suggest completing the Heroic Public Events and completing the Cabal Lost Sectors for the best progress.

5. Return to Ana
Once you’re done, return to Ana Bray on Hellas Basin to learn more about the next steps.

6. In the Shadows
To complete this step, you’ll need to defeat Psions and open Cabal chests on Mars to collect 50 pieces of data.

I’d recommend pulling out the Eris Morn Ghost Shell with the Treasure Hunt perk and head into the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector to get done with this step quickly and easily.

7. Under our Nose
Once you’re done, you’ll need to fly over to Annex landing zone in the Tower and speak with Benedict 99-40, Emperor Calus’ vendor in the Tower.

8. Dirty Work
To complete this step, you’ll need to fly to European Dead Zone (EDZ) and collect 1,000 Encryption Signals. These can be collected by completing Public Events, Patrols, and killing enemies. Again, try to complete Heroic PEs.

9. Rein It In
Once you’ve collected 1,000 Encryption Signals, return to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower Annex to learn about the final step for unlocking The Fourth Horseman exotic shotgun.

10. Lost and Found
For the final step, you’ll need to complete The Quarry Legendary Lost Sector in Sunken Isles, EDZ. Do note that the Legendary Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 contain Champions and require 1,000 Light Level, therefore, try to bring a competent Fireteam. After killing the final boss in the Lost Sector, you’ll receive The Fourth Horseman.

The Fourth Horseman Exotic Perks, Stats, Catalyst

The following are all the exotic perks, stats, and catalyst bonuses that you can get with The Fourth Horseman. Do note that in order to complete the catalyst, you’ll need to defeat 300 enemies with the weapon.

  • Thunderer: This weapon’s rate of fire is increased significantly, and fires full auto.
  • Broadside: Each successive shot has more damage and more spread.
  • The Fourth Horseman Catalyst: Adds an additional round to the magazine and increases reload speed.

As for the weapon’s stats, these are:

  • Impact: 80
  • Range: 30
  • Stability: 27
  • Handling: 35
  • Reload Speed: 42
  • Rounds Per Minute: 100
  • Magazine: 4

This is how you can get the Fourth Horseman in Season of the Worthy. For more guides on Season of the Worthy, feel free to check out our complete coverage of Destiny 2.

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