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Destiny 2: Final Shape Expansion To “Speak For Itself” Says Director


Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion was rumored to be delayed. Bungie has confirmed that it will now be released on June 4th, 2024. The Final Shape is supposed to be the last expansion for the game, and to go out with a bang, Bungie has decided to delay to release of the final expansion in view of how poorly received the last Lightfall expansion was. With that said, game director Joe Blackburn has mentioned that the team is keeping some cards close to their chest and that the upcoming expansion will speak for itself.

Game Director Joe Blackburn On Destiny 2 Final Shape Delay

Blackburn mentioned that since Destiny is coming to an end after 10 years, the hype around the ending is massive. He mentioned the following in this regard:

We know there are high expectations for the way that we’re going to put a bow on this ten-year saga of Destiny 2. We know that you all expect awesome, gorgeous new locations, a bunch of new stuff to fight, and a bunch of new ways to fight it, all alongside a story that has to stand side-by-side with some of the best stories our studio has ever told.

Blackburn also mentioned that the team is keeping some cards close to their chest. The game direction asked players to bear with the team since some of the mechanics and systems need to be seen rather than heard.

Players will be able to see and learn more about Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion in April 2024, and Blackburn mentions that the game will speak for itself. So that is definitely something that I am looking forward to. We have waited 10 years for the final chapter of Destiny and waiting a couple of more months is not going to be all that bad as long as Bungie pulls it off in the end and makes it worth all the time and money that players have invested.

Let us know what you think about this Destiny 2 Final Shape update from game director Joe Blackburn and whether or not you are alright about the expansion being delayed.

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