Like any live-service game, events get launched regularly for Destiny 2, and The Festival of the Lost has returned for 2022. As this event is going live, a new exotic sparrow skin is also being introduced in Destiny 2, namely, the Majestic Whinny, reminiscent of the Starhorse from Dares of Eternity. This skin is hugely popular because of its premium look to your in-game character.


As the festival grows popular among the players, people are getting crazier and more eager to buy this skin. In addition, a new gun skin has been launched, namely, the Halloween ghosts. This too has been under great attention lately, among others.

How to Get Exotic Sparrow Skin

As far as we know, the only way to buy this Exotic sparrow skin in Destiny 2 is by using Bright dust or some Silvers, which means that you’ll need to purchase them from Eververse through real money, costing you around $10.


However, there is nothing much to worry about, as this skin will be available to buy with Bright dust soon. So, make sure to save some Bright dust as this will cost you around 2500 of them.

Firstly, you can check out, which is an official source for all updates related to Destiny 2, including upcoming events and festivals. Also, check the Eververse calendar, which will show you the timeline for any kind of update. In the case of Majestic Whinny Sparrow skin, 25th October to 1st November are the dates mentioned, after which buying it with Bright Dust will become convenient.

Now that you have complete knowledge about buying the exotic Majestic Whinny Sparrow Skin in Destiny 2, the best course of action is to start saving some Bright Dust or Silver, waiting out the timeline mentioned in the Eververse calendar. For more on Destiny 2, see King’s Fall Hands Off Raid Challenge Guide and Mindbender’s Ambition Godroll Guide