Destiny 2 Exit Strategy (Gambit Ritual Weapon) Guide: How To Get

Destiny 2 Exit Strategy

With Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion now out, pinnacle weapons are a thing of the past. These weapons have been renamed to Ritual Weapons. In this Destiny 2 Exit Strategy guide, we are going to walk you through how you can get the Gambit Ritual Weapon.

How To get Exit Strategy In Destiny 2

In order to get Exit Strategy, what you need to do is go to The Drifter in the Tower and talk to him. He will give you a quest called Clean Getaway. You must complete the objectives of this quest which are as follows:

  • 150 Submachine Gun Multi kills
  • 125 Medals Earned
  • Points Earned

Points can be earned by defeating enemies and sending blockers in Gambit.  If you know how to play Gambit then you should be able to get this weapon in a couple of hours if not sooner. These weapons should be much easier to farm as compared to pinnacle weapons according to Bungie. So that is a bit of good news that we have for you.

It is important to mention that ritual weapons do not have special perks and are curated rolls. Bungie has made getting other pinnacle weapons much easier as well. The list of pinnacle weapons is as follows:

  • Hush (Gambit)
  • The Mountaintop (Crucible)
  • Wendigo GL3 (Vanguard)

Note that while getting these weapons is easier now, they are not as powerful as they once were.

This marks the end of our Destiny 2 Exit Strategy guide. If you are interested in learning more about Shadowkeep then be sure to check out our Armor 2.0 Guide. You can also check out our guide on all the exotic weapons that you can get with Shadowkeep. If you are new to New Light then you should check out our guide that covers how you can access the different campaign story missions.