Destiny 2, also known as one of the best multiplayer, free-to-play, first-person shooter games out there, was first released on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows and became popular right away after its launch date in September 2017.

Nowadays, an error named ‘Weasel’ is causing problems for the Destiny 2 gaming community, and from some research into it, it became clear that these errors popped up more often when new content or expansion to the game was launched.

What is the ‘Weasel’ Error and What to do about it

Yes, it is weird how Destiny chooses to name its errors. It turns out they have a whole naming convention made for their errors, with branches and sub-branches allowing their team to locate the nature of an error quickly.

Weasel error came around during the launch of game expansions, and a possible reason for this would have been the jamming of their servers due to an inrush of players at that time. Besides that, one of the more common reasons for it to exist was to ensure players weren’t logged in with different devices simultaneously, so before going into any fixes, ensure you aren’t doing that.

That’s it for your ‘Weasel’ wiki and background. So, without losing a moment, let’s get to the solutions we’ve curated for you from the best forums and communities!

2 Quick and Easy Ways to Solve the ‘Weasel’ Error

Before getting into anything, ensure you are logged onto the game with only one device and see if that fixes the error. If it doesn’t, then don’t worry. We have a few different fixes that you can try right away before investing your time into a long text of solutions later on.

First, try installing a VPN, going towards a more stable connection route, and using it whenever you launch the game. What usually happens is that your internet service providers block server data trafficking when providing you with a connection. This usually means no harm if taken away, but because of this, errors such as ‘Weasel’ show up to disturb you.

Other than that, a common reason for such an error might be your pending clan invites that you haven’t looked at. Many users across Reddit and Bungie community reported that the issue was resolved as soon as they tend to their pending clan invites. So, ask your admin to boot you from the clan, or try going over to and deleting your pending clan invite in the memberships section. If these solutions didn’t make a scratch to the problem at hand, then look below for our step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide on solving this issue once and for all!

Fix 1: Enable the Open Nat Type Connection

As we’ve come to realize so far. ‘Weasel’ error is based on connection error, and Nat Type plays a huge role in creating a proper and secured connection for you. So, batting an eye in this direction is a must.
The process is a bit tedious, but might just be the key to your problem. So, follow along with the guide, and if you feel unsure about the procedure, then contact your service provider for help.

  • Step 1: Find the login information behind your router.
  • Step 2: Get yourself logged into the router through the IP address.
  • Step 3: Look for a ‘Portal Forward’ option, and once you are there, fill in the TCP & UDP with Destiny 2 and your system’s port number.
  • Step 4: A port number is assigned to every console you use. So, look for it on the company websites.
  • Step 5: Save the settings, restart your router and wait for a while.

Try launching the game and see if the error still prevails.

Fix 2: Use the Steam File Integrity Checker

Corrupted and various file types in a game’s directory can cause more problems than you think. These can result in minor errors and glitches to errors like ‘Weasel’ in Destiny as well.

Luckily, Steam is here to save your day and do the hard part of this solution. Steam Integrity Checker scans and looks for harmful files that may cause errors in your gaming experience.

  • Step 1: Find where Destiny 2 game is in Steam Library and Right Click on it.
  • Step 2: Find the Properties option and click it.
  • Step 3: This will take you to a menu tab. Locate the ‘Local File’ tab, and click on the ‘Verify Integrity of Gaming Files’.

If this has worked out for you, congratulations to you! This is a technical problem to solve that can be quite irritating indeed. However, suppose it didn’t work out for you. In that case, you can look for more options to solve this and get your game working properly by visiting the Reddit community for Destiny players, where people are facing the same problem as you are getting solutions to their problems.

Thanks, Reddit.

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