The objective of the encounter is to disable the Crypt Security by destroying 6 tubes – 3 in each room. You can’t, however, destroy any tube you want. One player in the fireteam will guide you in which order the tubes must be destroyed. With the help of this Destiny 2 guide, you’ll be able to learn all about how the Restricted encounter works in the Deep Stone Crypt raid that should allow you to disable the Crypt Security.

How to Disable Crypt Security in Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Raid

The room is divided into 3 sections i.e. light area, dark area, basement. There is also a small airlock area at the end of the room that lets you travel between the two areas and also provides access to the basement. To access the area, you’ll need to activate the keypads by shooting or melee-ing them but this can only be done if you’ve got the ‘Operator’ augmentation. One important thing to keep in mind is if there’s another player with the Operator inside the airlock, he won’t be able to access the basement area – this must be done by the Operator alone.

There is also a door in the middle that lets you travel between the light and dark but is only open before the encounter begins or during the DPS phase when you need to destroy the tubes.

Both areas (light and dark) also have 4 pillars with glass panes underneath that you see in the basement area. There are also 3 Augmentation Terminals in the room – one in each section of the room. You’ll also notice a total of 10 keypads in the basement – 5 on the left side and 5 on the right side. Now that we’re done with the layout of the room, let’s talk about how the encounter works and the recommended weapons.

Recommended Weapons/Subclasses

  • 2x Well of Riddance, 1x Ward of Dawn
  • Witherhoard, Auto Rifle with Overload Rounds
  • Fourth Horseman, FILO, Bonechiller, Auto Rifle with Overloads Rounds
  • One Thousand Voices, Xenophage, The Lament, Legend of Acrius

Disabling the Crypt Security

To make it easier, I think it’s better to outline the entire mechanic in steps as provided below:

  1. After rallying to the flag, divide into 2 teams of 3 and send them to their areas. To start the encounter, let one player grab the ‘Operator’ augmentation from one of the Augmentation Stations.
  2. Continue to clear enemies until you see a Hacker Vandal in the dark area which will drop the ‘Scanner’ augmentation. One player needs to pick it up and check all the window panes under the pillars to see which keypads in the basement are glowing. You can number them however you want to write them down.
  3. Once done, pass the ‘Scanner’ augmentation to the other area using the Augmentation Station. If you’re unable to do so, make sure there aren’t any Servitors alive in both the areas. Once all the Servitors are down, pass the ‘Scanner’ augmentation and let one player take it and repeat the same thing.
  4. Once you know about all 4 keypads, let the ‘Operator’ head into the basement and shoot all 4 keypads in quick succession. Remember that the ‘Operator’ will only have 60 seconds to shoot all 4 keypads while also clearing a few enemies. Shooting a wrong keypad will kill the basement guy and you’ll need to send another one with the ‘Operator’ augmentation down.
  5. After the correct 4 keypads have been shot, the ‘Operator’ will send the ‘Operator’ augmentation buff to the players above and receive the ‘Scanner’ augmentation in return.
  6. Now the ‘Scanner’ below will look at the top sides (left and right) of the Augmentation Station in the basement to see which tube is glowing and need to be damaged by the players above. The players above will have a brief while to shoot all the tubes before they shut down – place Ward of Dawn and Well of Riddance to destroy them ASAP.
  7. Ideally, it shouldn’t take more than a single damage cycle to destroy all the tubes if you’re using the Fourth Horsemen and other slug shotties. If you’re unable to do so, let the ‘Operative’ above open the basement door so that the guy down can head back up and avoid the wipe mechanic down below.

After destroying all 6 tubes, head over to the dark area, grab the loot and proceed forward. It’s time to defeat Atraks-1.

That’s all we’ve got on how to disable the Crypt Security in Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt raid to complete the Restricted encounter. For more help on the game, you can check out our Destiny 2: Beyond Light wiki guides.

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