The Season of Plunder brings a ton for us Guardians to do, including going after valuable hidden treasures. This guide will go through the process of getting hidden treasures within the fallen machine known as the Star Chart.

The rewards in the season of Plunder are plenty, with one of the most sought-after being the Buried Treasure. You can access it by completing the Cryptic Quatrains quest, a series of four-line poems that serve as clues to your next destination and objective.

To start these quests, you need to buy the small and medium treasure beacons from the Star Chart; each of the beacons becomes a Cyptic Quatrains quest. Solving the first two quests gives you the crude cipher for your Atlas. You will end with two Crude Ciphers by completing both I and II Cryptic Quatrains.

Buy Medium Treasure Beacon
Medium Treasure Unlocks Cryptic Quatrains II

When you reach Cryptic Quatrains 3, you can use both ciphers on Cpatain’s Atlas to find the Buraid Treasure. That’s the gist, but now let’s get into the complete walkthrough, explaining each step of the Cryptic Quatrains III.

Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains 3 Walkthrough

When you can get the large beacon, you get access to the Cryptic Quatrains III quests.

  • Where to get large beacon in destiny 2
  • How to Start Cryptic Quatrains 3

Step #1: After getting the Cryptic Quatrains III quests, your first location is the Query in the Sunken Isles. When you spawn in, visit the lost sector, kill the boss, and loot the chest at the end. You will then get the next step which looks something like the following:

End of Step #1

Step #2: You must complete the Exodus Crash strike in Destiny 2. It’s important that you complete the Exodus Crash Strike without dying, as it’s a crucial step in the process. This is a baseline strike, so going through it and reaching the boss should be easy. Kill the boss without dying, and you’re golden. However, if you die at any point in the strike, you will end up having to restart and try again because the next step of the Cryptic Quatrains III won’t show up. If you do it flawlessly, you will get the following next step of Cryptic Quatrains III.

Third Step of Cryptic Quatrains III
Third Step of Cryptic Quatrains III

Step #3: This step is pretty easy; all you have to do is play the new seasonal activity, Ketchcrach, using a hand cannon with an arc sub-class. If you successfully complete the Ketchcrash activity, the fourth-step instructions will pop up on your screen (Seen in the image below).

Step #4: Now, the new two crude ciphers who got from the small and medium treasure beacon quests come into play. After completing the third step, you will unlock the ability to equip the first and second crude cipher in your Captain’s Atlas.

Once you equip them, a secret compartment within the Atlas will open, revealing three sockets. To progress to the next step, you’ll need to place each sigil in the correct order, as indicated by the quatrain. The words “dusk,” “left,” “light,” “right,” “salvation,” and “center” are highlighted, making it clear which sigil goes where.

Simply place the “House Dusk” sigil in the left socket, “House Salvation” in the center, and “House Light” on the right. Don’t worry if you make a mistake; you’ll be given another chance to correct it. If you accidentally place a sigil in the wrong socket, you’ll be alerted, so everything is basically very simple, and the game tells you what to do here.

Fifth Step for Cryptic Quatrains III
Fifth Step for Cryptic Quatrains III

Step#5: The next step takes you to the Cosmodrome, to the Forgotten Shore. Locate the boat near the shore (the quest marker helps) and investigate the green Fallen X on it to reveal the final step.

Sixth Step for Cryptic Quatrains III
Sixth Step for Cryptic Quatrains III

Step #6: This is the final step of the Cryptic Quatrains III and concludes your efforts. All you have to do is ride your sparrow from your current location in the Forgotten Shore and go past giant rusted ship in the middle of the map. Turn left and find the location of the public spawn. You will see a bunch of enemies standing there, three stone pillars, and a small cave behind them. Kill the enemies and head inside the cave to dig the buried treasure and complete the Cryptic Quatrains III.

Rewards: 2x Ketchkiller’s Gauntlets, Charge of Light Sparrow, Sailspy Pitchglass Power Weapon.

This is all we have in our Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains 3 guide. Be sure to see our detailed Destiny 2 guides page for more help on the game.

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