Similar to earlier raids in Destiny 2, the reprised Crota’s End has a couple of Secret Chests that you can find. Aside from containing Raid Mods, you can also get random-rolls of the items that you have previously acquired. It is also possible to obtain Deepsight Weapons from these chests but the odds are fairly low. You must find these if you wish to get the Swordbearer seal. In this guide, we have shared the locations of all the Secret Chests that you can find in Destiny 2: Crota’s End.


Destiny 2: Crota’s End Secret Chests

There are 2 Secret Chests that you can find throughout the reprised Crota’s End. However, these are completely separate from the red-border one that guarantees a Deepsight Weapon.

Secret Chest 1 — The Abyss

The first one is in The Abyss encounter. Before starting the encounter, stay on the left side until you see some doors with a yellow glow. The chest should be in one of these rooms — for us, it has always been in the last room on the left.


Secret Chest 2 — The Shrieker Hallway

The second one is in the hallway with Shriker, immediately after the Bridge encounter. You will need to be Enlightened to pass through the shield. To spawn the chest, however, the Chalice must be deposited before the door closes. Not many people know this but the door does not begin to close until you destroy the 2nd Shrieker.

Is there a 3rd Secret Chest?

Bungie has confirmed that there is no 3rd Secret Chest in Crota’s End. The associated triumph is bugged and will be fixed in a future update. In order to get the triumph, however, you will need to get the red-border chest. Other than that, there are no more Secret Chests to find.

This is everything we have on our Destiny 2: Crota’s End Secret Chests guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!



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