Cipher Decoders, at present, is the most sought-after currency in Destiny 2. You need them to open chests at the end of the Haunted Forest during Festival of the Lost to earn a chance at obtaining Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story with new random rolls. Despite Bungie buffing up their drop-rate twice now, it can still be a little hard to farm them effectively, considering the fact that you need 45 of them in total to unlock all the triumphs. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the most efficient ways of farming easy Cipher Decoders in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Cipher Decoders Farming Tips

Aside from Cipher Decoders, you’ll also need a lot of Candy and Strange Coins to buy all the FotL-related cosmetic items and unlock all the associated triumphs.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll also acquire an Ascendant Lens from Spider in The Tangled Shore which folks over at r/raidsecrets believe to be tied to the 15th Wish of the Dreaming City.

As mentioned earlier, you need to collect a total of 45 Cipher Decoders to unlock all the associated triumphs. But how does one get them? According to Bungie, completing activities outside the Haunted Forest has a chance to drop Cipher Decoders. These activities can be anything from Heroic Story Missions to Patrols, playlist Strikes, Crucible, Nightmare Hunts, Ordeals, etc.

Best Ways to Farm

From my experience, completing tier 1 Reckoning is probably your best bet. It can be completed in just a few minutes and will net you 2-3 Cipher Decoders every other run in addition to Candy and Strange Coins.

If you don’t have a fireteam to run Reckoning with, I highly recommend completing daily Heroic Story Missions (the shortest ones), Patrols on the Moon, Adept Nightmare Hunts, etc. Out of these activities, since Patrols on the Moon are the easiest, I recommend the following route while completing kill enemies and find Toland Patrols in the areas mentioned below:

Anchor of Light > Archer’s Line > Sorrow’s Harbor

Once done, return to Orbit to refresh the Patrols, and start over. Once you’re done, launch the Haunted Forest with your friends, complete as many branches as you can, and then open the chests at the end.

If you aren’t interested in doing so, you can simply kill yourself after a first few enemies, wait for 15 minutes, and open the chests at the end. While you’re dead, the game won’t boot you to Orbit so you can watch a YouTube video while doing so.

This is currently the best way to farm Cipher Decoders in Destiny 2 for the Haunted Forest. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Destiny 2 wiki guides.