There are a total of 25 Calcified Fragments on Mercury, Mars, Titan, and Io. You need to find all of them in order to progress the Ruinous Effigy exotic questline. These are not too bad to find, provided you know where to start looking. In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ve shared everything you need to know about finding all 25 Calcified Fragments to complete the “Missive” exotic questline.


Destiny 2 Calcified Fragments Locations

First, let’s talk about actually picking up the questline. To do that, you need to travel to Prismatic Recaster near Drifter. The first step of the quest is to complete the weekly “Interference” mission which means you’ll also need to complete the “Means to an End” quest that requires you to complete 2x Contact Pes on Titan.

Once done, you’ll be asked to collect a total of 25 Calcified Fragments on destinations going into DCV with D2: Beyond Light i.e. Mercury, Mars, Titan, and Io. There are 10 on Io and 5 each on other destinations. These little collectibles are greenish-blue in color and aren’t hard to locate – all you need to do is to have your Ghost out all the time.

How to Find Calcified Fragments in D2?

As noted in the quest’s description, the way you find Calcified Fragments is by pulling out your Ghost and following the objective marker – remember that you can use your Ghost while on a sparrow to make it a little faster.


As long as you’re roaming around, you should find yourself staring at different objective markers every now and then. You should be able to spot one from as far as 200m away so make sure to roam around.

From our experience, what we found was that most of them are scattered near different landing zones. Therefore, try to land on the following landing zones in the aforementioned destinations and use your Ghost to locate them:

  • Io: The Rupture, Lost Oasis
  • Mars: Glacial Drift, Braytech
  • Titan: The Rig, Siren’s Watch
  • Mercury: Only Landing Zone near Brother Vance

Once you’re done with all the Calcified Fragments, you’ll need to find and kill 15 of Savathûn’s Marionettes on Titan and Io. The rest of the steps are pretty self-explanatory and you can refer to our complete Ruinous Effigy exotic questline guide to learn more about them.

As for the gun, it has to be one of the most interesting exotic guns that Bungie has created recently. What it does is that it transforms enemies (when killed) into Void spheres that can be picked up by you or your allies and wielded as weapon for a brief time.


While holding the sphere, you’re able to light attack, heavy attack, and guard – just like a sword. It’s an incredibly fun weapon to use both in PvE and PvP and we definitely recommend picking it up if you haven’t already.

That’s all we’ve got in our Destiny 2 Calcified Fragments guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Destiny 2 wiki guides.


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