Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion brings multiple quests, exotic weapons and armor, and quests. One of the exotic quests players will come across is handed out by Banshee-44, Pain and Gain. In our exotic “Pain and Gain” Banshee exotic quests guide we will explain how to complete this quest.

Last updated on October 3rd, 2019 at 06:00 pm

In order to get this quest you first need to speak with sedentary gunsmith: Banshee-44. He will ask you to complete this exotic and reap the rewards. Banshee-44 is going to tell you to tune-up a weapon frame because its “pain matrix” is screwed up. There is a lot of trouble you need to go through but it is all worth it since you get an exotic weapon out of it.

Destiny 2 Banshee-44 Exotic Quest

So, how to complete “Pain and Gain”? The very first thing you need to do to complete Destiny 2 pain and gain Banshee-44 exotic quest is to do your usual everyday activities.  Veteran Destiny players would know what to do but the players who are joining the universe of Destiny via Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, here’s how this goes.

All of the activities you need to complete are mentioned in your objectives section. The first activity takes you to complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ  (European Dead Zone) on Earth. Since you are new to the Destiny franchise, EDZ is on Earth and Lost Sectors are minor dungeons that you must complete to make sure you hit the objective.

How to Complete Pain and Gain Exotic Quest

The Lost Sectors are good to farm items but right now we are looking to get the exotic weapon. We suggest that you complete one of the easiest ones is Terminus East. You can find it right next to the EDZ hub zone, Trostland.  Go northeast from the church and you will find it. Speak with  Devrim Kay there.

The next part of the Destiny 2 Pain and Gain Exotic quest objective is to complete a Heroic public event. This part is a bit tricker than usual. What you need to do is trigger a random activity  and perform special actions to make this activity “Heroic.”

We can turn any random activity into a heroic one but we suggest playing the game till the Tangled Shore, the “Cryo-Pod Defenders” public event is probably an easy public activity to make heroic. The last objective for the Destiny 2 Banshee 44 Exotic Quest is the Nightfall Strike. You can access these tougher variations of three-player Strikes you access from the Vanguard playlist.

Reward: You get the exotic SMG Riskrunner for completing this quest.

This marks the end of our Destiny 2 Banshee-44 Exotic quest “pain and gain” guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Shadowkeep errors, Shadowkeep Edgewisebeginner’s tips and tricks.