Destiny 2 brings new activities with every new season and this Season of the Lost is no exception as it brought Astral Alignment. However, this particular activity is bugged, at the time of writing, and here is how to fix the Destiny 2 Astral Alignment Bug.

Astral Alignment Bug Fix

According to players, they are unable to complete the Astral Alignment activity or take part in it. Fortunately, Bungie is aware of the issue and has promised to fix it. In the meantime, Bungie has given us a workaround. The fix for this particular bug is quite simple. Players have to restart the Astral Alignment activity. After that, don’t destroy all wisps as it causes the bug to trigger. Do this, and the activity won’t get bugged and players will be able to continue.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Astral Alignment Bug fix. For more on the game, also see our Season of the Lost Week 1 Seasonal Challenges Guide and Season of the Lost Wayfinder’s Compass Mods Guide.

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