All 5 characters in Desperados 3 have their unique skills passive abilities. While skills are more character-specific, characters in the game do share common PAs like climbing ladders, dragging bodies, swimming, etc. In this Desperados 3 guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about unlocking all the characters and their unique skills.


Desperados 3 Skills

Before we talk about skills and passive abilities of all the characters, let us see how you can unlock them first:

  • John: Mission 2
  • McCoy: Mission 2
  • Mendoza: Mission 3
  • Kate O’Hara: Mission 4
  • Isabelle Moreau: Mission 8

As you can see, you will need to make it to the 8th mission if you wish to unlock all the characters in Desperados 3. With that out of the way, let us talk about skills and passive abilities of all the characters in the game:

John Cooper

Passive Abilities: Carry 1 Body, Climb Ladders, Swimming


Knife Useful in melee combat and can also be used to cut ropes.
Throwing Knife Cooper can hurl Throwing Knives that damage enemies but also draw the attention of nearby enemies.
Coin Toss Used to distract enemies.
Guns Cooper carries 2 revolvers when Throwing Knives are not enough.

Doc McCoy

Passive Abilities: Drag 1 Body, Climb Ladders

Syringe A poisonous injection that can kill enemies instantly.
Chloroform Used to knock enemies out temporarily.
Swamp Gas Vial It allows you to knock enemies out within an area of effect.
The Doctor’s Bag McCoy throws a bag that distracts enemies and blinds them if they open it. You must retrieve it after using it to use it again.
Bandages Used to heal allies.

Hector Mendoza

Passive Abilities: Carry 2 Bodies, Climb Ladders

Axe Hector’s melee weapon that deals a lot of damage.
Bear Trap Can be laid to trap enemies and must be retrieved afterward.
Whistle Used to distract or lure enemies to a particular location.
Shotgun Short-ranged weapons that deal a lot of damage.
The Good Stuff Used to fully replenish HP.


Kate O’Hara

Passive Abilities: Carry 1 Body, Climb Ladders

Perfume Vial Used to blind enemies temporarily.
Kick A close-ranged melee attack that knocks enemies out.
Disguise Used to move through an area freely without being detected.
Flirt Only useable when under the effects of ‘Disguise’. It is used to distract an enemy who will only focus on Kate.
Pistol Kate’s firearms that can deal with enemies rather quickly.

Isabelle Moreau

Passive Abilities: Carry 1 Body, Climb Ladders, Swimming

Sickle Isabelle’s melee weapon.
Connect It allows Isabelle to link 2 enemies together. When linked, stunning one enemy also stuns the other one.
Stella You can call on Isabelle’s cat in order to distract enemies.
Mind Control You can manipulate enemies into attacking each other.
Jimson Weed Used to heal allies and yourself.

These are all the character skills and passive abilities in Desperados 3. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Desperados 3 wiki guides.