Sparkly the Crow in Demon’s Souls Remake is an interesting NPC with whom you can trade different items. It can be done by dropping an item near Sparkly and then picking up the replaced item. Not all the items in Demon’s Souls 2020, however, can be traded with Sparkly. In this Demon’s Souls Remake guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how trading with Sparkly the Crow works.

Demon’s Souls Remake Sparkly the Crow Items Trading

First, let’s talk about the location where you’ll find Sparkly the Crow. To find Sparkly’s nest, head over to the Shrine of Storms and reach the highest point in the area. To get there, go to the tower that leads to the Compound Long Bow and a skeleton archer. From there, you’ll be able to reach Sparkly.

If you’ve played Dark Souls games before Demon’s Souls, you probably already know how Sparkly the Crow operates.

The way trading works with Sparkly in Demon’s Souls for PS5 is you reach its nest, drop an item on the ground, and listen to Sparkly. If it liked the item, it will tell you so and replace it with another item. If it didn’t like the item, Sparkly will tell you that as well and you’ll have the chance to pick the item back before it’s gone for good.

To save you from the trouble of dropping everything you find in Demon’s Souls Remake, we’ve provided a list of all the items that can be traded with Sparkly the Crow alongside the replacement items that you’ll get – items you’ll need to give are on the left side and the replaced ones are on the right side.

Before we begin, do note that only one item can be traded at a given time. Dropping multiple items like Soul Remains and Shard of Mercurystone will only get you 10x White Arrow since Soul Remains were dropped first. To get the replaced item, you’ll need to load into a different zone or log out and then visit Sparkly again.

Lastly, each item given in the table below can be traded only once per playthrough.

Soul Remains x10 White Arrow
Augite of Guidance x10 White Arrow
Shard of Mercurystone x10 Full Moon Grass
Chunk of Mercurystone x10 New Moon Grass
Pure Mercurcystone x10 Dark Moon Grass
Shard of Faintstone x5 Shard of Archstone
Chunk of Faintstone x10 Sticky White Stuff
Pure Faintstone x3 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
Jade Hair Ornament Regenerator’s Ring
Brass Telescope Fragrant Ring
Large Sword of Moonlight Ring of Devout Prayer
Phosphorescent Pole Ring of Magical Dullness
Silver Coronet Storied Hero’s Soul
Silver Bracelet Storied Hero’s Soul
Talisman of God Colorless Demon’s Soul
Gold Mask Colorless Demon’s Soul

This is how trading with Sparkly the Crow works in Demon’s Souls Remake. For more helpful tips and tricks, feel free to check out our Demon’s Souls 2020 wiki.

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