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How To Defeat Lord Vholran In Tales of Arise

Vholran is a pretty challenging boss to beat in Tales of Arise. Not only is he enigmatic but deadly too. In this Tales of Arise guide, we are going to walk you through how you can beat Lord Vholran.

Beating Lord Vholran In Tales of Arise

To beat this boss you need to have enough CP so that Dohalim and Shionne can heal your team. Be sure to have both of these characters on your team. The 4th character that you pick is completely up to you.

Lord Vholran has different attacks that he can use against you. These differ according to the phase of the boss fight. The following are the different phases of the boss fight and the attacks that Vholran can use along with tips on how you can avoid taking damage.

Phase 1 Attacks And Strategy

The following are the attacks that Vholran can use during the first phase of the boss fight in Tales of Arise and how you can avoid taking damage.

Sword Combo

This is the main attack that the boss uses. He will do a forward step and do a combo of attacks that can last 3-4 seconds. The combo ends with a water strike. You can easily run away and wait for the boss to finish the combo in order to avoid damage. The best way of dealing with it is with a perfect dodge so that you can land a counter-attack and deal damage.

Alternate Sword Combo

Other than the regular combo that the boss uses, he can also use a second combo. This is started by a lunging attack forward. This lasts around 2 seconds. You can use the same tactics to avoid taking damage.

Air Juggle Combo

The boss can use an attack combo that will launch himself in the air. You can use the strategy mentioned above to deal with the move and avoid taking damage. A perfect dodge will open up the boss to a counterattack.

Swirl Attack

The boss can spin around and do a powerful swirl attack. This is a very quick move and hence it is hard to counter as you will not have a lot of time to react. If you see the boss spin, you should dodge and hope to dear God that you are able to pull off a perfect dodge which will then allow you to counter with a powerful attack. Note that the swirl can not only be horizontal but vertical as well. The same tactic can be used in both cases.

Water Orb Attack

The tell for this attack is that the body of the boss is going to glow Blue. He will also draw his arm across his body. He will then fire water orbs at you. Keep running towards the right or the left in order to avoid taking damage.

Ice Shard Attack

The boss can slam his sword into the ground and produce ice shards that will come out of the floor. You will not have much time to dodge this move. As soon as you see ice forming, you should press the dodge button.

Mystic Arte

Just like you, the boss has a special attack that he can use against you. This summons 3 water sprouts for 15 seconds. You should avoid the sprout while fighting the boss. You can also do a perfect dodge by dodging at the right time, exactly before the sprout hits you.

Phase 2 Attacks And Strategy

Once you beat Vholran once in Tales of Arise, he will rise up once again with a full bar of health. He is going to use the attacks mentioned above but he also has some new moves too. The following is what you need to know about his new attacks and how you can counter them.

Finis Aeternam

During the second phase of the boss battle, Vholran’s Mystic Arte summons a huge sword made of ice. It takes a while to drop so you can move out of the way. Once the ice touches the ground it creates ice shards that come out of the ground. You can jump and dodge away before the ice hits the ground or when you see the ice forming in order to avoid taking any damage from the attack.

Lightning Strike

The boss can run towards you and stabs his sword into the ground. This will produce current around him. To avoid damage, you need to dodge when he slides the sword into the ground. You can also use Kisara’s Boost Attack to interrupt this attack.

Ignite Terror

The boss can fire a darkness beam that deals a lot of damage. In order to avoid taking damage, you need to interrupt this move using Rinwell’s Boost Attack while the spell is being charged.

Ice Meteor 

The boss can summon a meteor made of ice that slams on the ground. You will see a marking on the floor where it is going to land. When that happens you need to move out of the area in order to avoid taking damage.

This is how you can beat Vholran in Tales of Arise. If you want to complete the game 100% then you can check out our achievements guide. You can also check out our beginner’s guide for some useful tips and tricks.

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