While exploring the world of Lies of P, you will encounter several bosses. The very first one out of these bosses is The Parade Master. While not as troublesome as some of the endgame bosses, The Parade Master can still be pretty challenging. In this guide, we have shared some tips to help you easily defeat The Parade Master in Lies of P.


Lies of P The Parade Master

The Parade Master is the very first boss in Lies of P. You will need to defeat The Parade Master in order to progress to the Hotel Krat. Before fighting The Parade Master, you should get the Electric Blitz Abrasive to inflict lightning damage as it can help immensely. Also, try to upgrade your weapon as much as possible.

First Phase

In the 1st phase, The Parade Master will mostly rely on melee attacks. Here is a brief overview of these attacks:

  • The Parade Master pulls his right arm backward to deliver a powerful punch. It is not hard to dodge it.
  • If you see The Parade Master cross his arms over his head, he is about to do multiple slashes.
  • Just like his powerful punch, The Parade Master raises his arm to slam it into the ground. It can deal a lot of damage so be sure to dodge if possible.

You will need to find opportunities to land your hits after every successful dodge. If you made him whiff his attacks, you should have no trouble getting some damage in.


Second Phase

Once you have reduced his HP to half, he will enter the next phase. In the 2nd phase, The Parade Master will wield a stick as a weapon. Here is what you can expect in this phase:

  • The Parade Master will swing his stick in a circle while charging at you. These attacks are very simple to avoid.
  • If you see a red glow around The Parade Master, use the Perfect Guard to avoid his Fury Attacks.
  • As mentioned earlier, do not forget to use the Electric Blitz Abrasive to increase your damage.

Once you have defeated The Parade Master, you will get Quartz and The Parade Master’s Ergo.

This is everything we have got on how to defeat The Parade Master in Lies of P. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!


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