Forspoken throws various enemies at you from the start, and the game might seem tricky. Familiarizing yourself with the fighting mechanics early on in the game is essential. However, once you get the hang of it, even boss fights are easy to handle. Dragon is the first boss you will have to face in Forspoken, and unlike some other bosses, you will have no option but to fight.

Boss fights in this game can have multiple phases, and the Dragon boss fight has two. The fight concludes with a cutscene where the beast grabs you and flies off. You will end up in the central capital of Athia: Cipal. Just make sure to survive long enough and put up a good fight. You will need to bring down its health to zero in phase one of the fight. However, the second phase plays out the same way no matter what you do.

Attack Patterns
Although the fight begins with the Dragon using Claw Attacks, once it loses some health, it will start using piercing and Unblockable Attacks. Piercing Attacks cannot be blocked with Cuff’s Shield and can deal immense damage.

These attacks will always give clear signs before being deployed, and Cuff can also alert you about such incoming attacks. Unblockable Attacks, on the other hand, can be deadly and do not provide any warnings. In the case of the Dragon, it will be its Dragon Breath.

Defensive Strats

  • Parkour is especially helpful against Piercing Attacks as you can cover a lot of ground quickly and get yourself out of the trouble area.
  • Dodging is useful against Normal/Piercing Attacks.
  • The cover is the only option against Unblockable Attacks. Find a wall and hold on for deal life as the Dragon executes its Dragon Breath.

How to Defeat
The Dragon in Forspoken can be quick with its attacks at the start of the fight, so it is essential to keep moving and only strike when an opportunity presents itself. Its weak point is the burning area in its chest. The rest of the body will be covered in scales which significantly reduce the damage done, so it’s preferable only to strike its chest and wait instead of an all-out attack.

Scatter/Burst/Disperse shots (R2) release projectiles that can do significant damage when aimed right at the weak spot. Combined with support magic (L2), you can refill your recharge quickly and avoid cooldowns. Remember to use the L2 + R2 attack as soon as it becomes available, and you will take down the Dragon’s HP in no time.

Once the Dragon’s health is depleted, he will disappear for a second, and you might think you’re in the clear, but this is just the start of the second phase. The Dragon reappears, and now his attacks will be more ferocious. Still, with the defensive strategies mentioned before, you can survive long enough to trigger the cutscene where Frey kills the Dragon.

If you find it difficult to take cover from the Unblockable Attacks in this phase, you can stand next to Dragon, as this seems to be his blind spot. It is a little risky, but finding the right spot makes the fight much easier and faster.

This should help you easily defeat Dragon in Forspoken. For more help on the game, you can check out these guides:

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