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Deathloop Space Invader Visionary Lead Walkthrough Guide


Space Invader is your first visionary lead in Deathloop. It becomes available after you complete The Longest Day prologue mission. In this guide, we will discuss a complete walkthrough for Space Invader Visionary Lead.

Deathloop Space Invader Walkthrough

You need to visit Updaam and find a bridge that takes you across to the small island on the river. It is unavailable during most parts of the day. You need to either check during the day or evening. The bridge leads to the castle where you will find Charlie.

On your way to the bridge, you will come across AI or Single player enemies and it can be hard to sneak past them. However, if you have Shift power or Aether it becomes slightly easier to deal with them.

Your goal is to enter the castle but it is a bit tricky choosing what entrance you’re gonna take. If you go through the front or any entrance that is obvious, Charlie will know and broadcast your location to all enemies. If you get detected, Charlie will know and broadcast your location to other enemies.

So the goal here is to be as stealthy as possible if you want to avoid an all-out brawl that could end up badly for you and you’ll wake up back at the beech.

If you manage to get the Shift power from Julianna you can teleport to a distance which opens up great new possibilities. You can go through balconies and shutters, sneak in to make sure you’re not spotted and Charlie doesn’t know you’re there.

You can choose to explore the castle but there are enemies in the area. If you get spotted you will be the target of a larger manhunt. The best way here is to deal with enemies using stealth attacks, silent weapons, nail guns, etc.

Go to the upper floor of the castle and kill Charlie if you come across him at any point. Once again, it is recommended that you use stealth during this section of the game because Charlie might hide in a saferoom with traps and a turret.

Charlie can be anywhere so find him as quietly as possible and kill him. However, the mission doesn’t end there. You need to get the Shift power or an upgrade for it if you already have the Shift power.

Investigate the top floor of the castle and find the passage that leads to Charlie’s personal room. Kick open the boards at the door and in one of the rooms you will find a Minicom. Check the computer for messages to know about his meeting with Fia.

To further progress in the mission you need to get your hands on the Fristad picture. The picture is in his bedroom on the bed.

You can now leave the castle and Updaam. Head over to Rock Fristad in the evening. The picture was taken on the shore so explore the coastline of Fristad Rock to find the plane wreck near a larger area with multiple enemies.

Near the plane wreck is a bunker marked 09. Enter the bunker and reach the area with a console and cassettes. Check the journal next to the console to get the code (it is randomly generated).

Head back to the tunnels and go to Karl’s Bay. When enter you will see a safe under the table and use the code to open it. There is a journal inside the safe that has details about Charlie and another code for you.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to complete Space Invader Visionary Lead in Deathloop.

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