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Deathloop Pictograms Locations Guide – Afternoon Delight


Getting to all the Visionaries in Deathloop is an arduous task. Two of them, however, can be dealt with in a single blow. These are Fia and Charlie whom the player can access after finding a total of 4 Pictograms. In this guide, we have shared the locations of all 4 Pictograms that can be found in Deathloop in order to defeat Fia and Charlie.

Deathloop Pictograms Locations

To begin, the player needs to access Fia’s bunker on Fristad Rock. The most important thing is to remain undetected, otherwise, the entire loop will reset. Pictograms in Deathloop are paintings around the bunker that the player can inspect. A good way of getting these Pictograms without worrying about maintaining stealth is to kill Fia. Also, note that Fia has painted more than 4 Pictograms in her bunker but only 4 are needed to complete the Visionary Leads.

Below, we have shared the locations of all the Pictograms that can be found in Deathloop:

Pictogram #1
From the elevator shaft, look for a cage-like room with red lasers at the top – the room requires a powered battery (located in the adjacent room) to open. Alternatively, shooting one of the lasers at the top should let the player climb the wall.

Pictogram #2
From the previous Pictogram, phase through one of the glass windows to find it right next to a white double-door.

Pictogram #3
Once again, from the previous Pictogram, head out the white double-doors toward a small set of stairs heading down. Check to the immediate right to find it painted against the wall.

Pictogram #4
On the immediate right wall of the room that reads “Forever Young” at the entrance.

This is all we have got in our Deathloop Pictograms Locations guide. For more help on the game, be sure to check our detailed Deathloop wiki page.

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