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How to Get Pact of Smoke Door Codes In Deathloop

Deathloop is the latest game from Arkane Studios and is quite unique. The game offers players the freedom to complete the objective according to their play style. The game also features puzzles that require players to use the loop to their advantage. Smoking Contest is one such puzzle that requires players to come back to the same region at different times to find three passwords. This Deathloop guide will help players with the Smoking Contest puzzle and how to get the Pact of Smoke door codes.

Smoking Contest Puzzle Solution

Smoking Contest puzzle starts after players have explored the small room right outside Colt’s apartment. Once inside, players will find a device with three mouthpieces connected to a yellow device. Read the note and listen to the audio recording and players will find out what is this device.

There will be a locked door nearby and players need three passwords to open it. Each Eternal has a password and there are three of them. Two Eternals die every day and players have to make sure a different Eternal dies each time to find the passwords on Blackreef. Here is how to solve this puzzle.

Don’t do anything and leave the room and return in the afternoon. Players will find a note on the table with the first password. Leave again, return in the morning and press the =button on the machine in the corner and wait until the light is green for the red pipe.

Leave again and go to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon. From the tunnels go left, then go along the road and past the Forever Young sign and then through the Garden of Perception. Keep going until you see an open door. Go inside and find Vanya’s Pact of Smoke on the desk.

Go back to the room with the smoking device in the morning. Press the button until the light the blue pipe light in green. Leave the room and go to Karl’s bay in the afternoon. Go to the same place as before in Karl’s Bay but instead of going into the room with the open door, jump over the roof in front of you and land on the other side of the building. Inside the building, players will find Anatoly’s Pact of Smoke.

Return to the room with the Smoking device in Updaam in the morning with the passwords. Open the door and the prize is yours.

That is all for our Deathloop guide with tips on how to find the Pact of Smoke door codes. For more on the game, also see How to Save Your Progress and How to Disable, Hack, and Deploy Turrets.

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