As you progress through the game by delivering cargo and other stuff. You will get the reverse trike which can help you a lot in moving around and going long distances. But as it is a piece of machinery it will be damaged as time progresses through either Timfall or just the crashing into rocks etc.

How do you repair vehicles in Death Stranding? No the healing spray used for cargo won’t work on vehicles. This guide will include all the details on how to repair your vehicles and how to customize them.

Repair and Customize Vehicles

To repair vehicles in Death Stranding be it your vehicle or someone else’s vehicle you need to take it to the Safe Houses located around the world.

Go to the Safehouse and park your vehicle on the elevator. Now there are two ways of repairing the vehicle either you can go to the delivery terminal and select “Garage” and in it, you can see the vehicle you placed in the elevator.

Select it and store the vehicle into the garage. After a while, your vehicle will return in perfect condition. The second way is to go to the vehicle while parked and select the rest in your private room option from the menu. The vehicle will go down to be fixed and after a while, the vehicle will come back to brand new.

Customization of a vehicle can be done in Death Stranding as well. In Episode 3 by the time you have completed enough deliveries that you get a 3-star connection level on the distribution center which is situated south of Lake Knot City, you will unlock some colors.

There will be around 8 and you can change the color of your vehicle to one of those colors. If you want additional colors on top of these then do more deliveries to earn another star connection level for the same distribution center.

Simply take the vehicle to any Safehouse or distribution center and have it parked on the elevator. Here you can check the menu and press Triangle so that the color change option appears. After that change the color of your vehicle to those available.