At the start of Death Stranding, you might not understand what Timefall is. Basically timefall in Death Stranding is a term given to the rain that occurs from time to time. Timefall is no ordinary rain and has the effect of deteriorating any object that comes in contact with it even humans. There are a couple of procedures one can use to avoid getting exposed to the rain. This guide will include all the details on timefall, it’s effects and ways to avoid it.

Death Stranding – Timefall

Timefall can happen at any time and whenever the rain starts it destroys most things. If the rain touches you you will start to age at a faster rate. The same is the case with objects like vehicles, equipment or even the cargo you are carrying. The raincoat that Sam wears apparently is a counter to the rain and nullifies the Timefall.

Once the cargo gets exposed to it you should still not be worried as the spray can fix the cargo in no time. Most of the larger vehicles take much time before being unable to move due to the effects of the Timefall. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can ride them all the time they will still need fixing from time to time.

Death Stranding Timefall

Ways to avoid Timefall

Whenever the Timefall starts not only do you have to avoid the rain but BTs start appearing too and can be troublesome. During Timefall what you can do is to take shelter. You can take cover in any cave, building or outputs and wait for the rain to end.

If there is no shelter around you then the only option is to make a Timefall shelter. Timefall shelter can be made mostly anywhere it and it is like an umbrella shelter. It will cover you and your cargo from the rain and you can wait for the rain to end. Timefall shelter can be made but you need to have the following materials:

  • For Level 1 Shelter you will need PCC Level 1
  • For Level 2 Shelter you will need 400 Metal and 32 Chiral Crystal
  • For Level 3 Shelter you will need 1200 Metal and 300 Chiral Crystal

As the game progresses you will obtain items that will help you minimize damage and effects of BTs and Timefall on you and your cargo etc. During the Timefall rain Choral I in Crystals start to grow and you can harvest them and make materials from them.

That is all for our Death Stranding Timefall guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on EX Grenades. You can also check out our guide on how you can increase carrying capacity.