Death Stranding Structures Guide – How to Build, Upgrade, Customize

Death Stranding Structures Guide

There are 10 types of structures that you can build, customize, and upgrade in Death Stranding. These buildables include structures like ladders, generators, bridges, etc. In addition to your own structures, you’ll also come across structures crafted by other players in regions on the Chiral Network.

When exposed to Timefall, these Death Stranding structures will start to die out so don’t expect them to stay in a place permanently. You’ll also be able to upgrade and customize these structures using materials that you’ll find in the world.

Death Stranding Structures

Some buildables in Death Stranding will require you to have a PCC device. You’ll need to head to a terminal to acquire one. With a PCC device in your inventory, select it, and build the structure that you want.

To build a structure, bring out your inventory menu by pressing right on the D-Pad and select the PCC you wish to use – Level 1 or Level 2. Now press down on the D-Pad and select the structure that you wish to build.

After you’ve made your choice, press and hold L2 to see if you can build your desired structure at the place of your choice or not. If you see that your structure is red, move around a little – note that you can’t build on steep slopes, etc.

Once you’ve selected a suitable place, simply press R2 to build the structure. As for the structures in Death Stranding, these are:

  1. Sign
  2. Ladder
  3. Anchor
  4. Generator
  5. Watchtower
  6. Safehouse
  7. Timefall Shelter
  8. Zipline
  9. Bridge
  10. Postbox

Successfully building all 10 structures in Death Stranding will reward you with Master Builder trophy. You can also upgrade them to the highest tier to unlock Trail-Blazer trophy. Here are all the structures that you can craft and upgrade in Death Stranding:

This buildable doesn’t cost anything. You can press L1 followed by Triangle to build it anywhere you want other players to see it. It doesn’t have any upgrades.

You need to have 20 Metal in order to build it. Ladder in Death Stranding doesn’t have any upgrades.

To build this structure in Death Stranding, you need to have 16 Resin in your inventory. It doesn’t have any upgrades.

You need to have to PCC Level 1 to build the Generator in Death Stranding. The following are its upgrades and materials you need to have:

Level 2 400 Metal
Level 3 100 Chiral Crystals
Level 4 400 Metal

To build this structure in Death Stranding, you need to have PCC Level 1. As for its upgrades and materials cost, they are:

Level 2 32 Chiral Crystals + 400 Metal
Level 3 150 Chiral Crystals + 800 Metal

To craft this buildable in Death Stranding, you need to have PCC Level 2. As for its upgrades and materials needed, these are:

Level 1 300 Chiral Crystals + 2,400 Special Alloys
Level 2 500 Chiral Crystals + 4500 Special Alloys
Level 3 1000 Chiral Crystals + 6840 Special Alloys

Timefall Shelter
You need to have PCC Level 1 in order to build Timefall Shelter in Death Stranding. Its upgrades and costs are:

Level 2 32 Chiral Crystals + 400 Metal
Level 3 300 Chiral Crystals + 1200 Metal

Zipline in Death Stranding requires you have to PCC Level 2. Its upgrades and upgrade costs include:

Level 2 240 Chemicals + 480 Special Alloys
Level 3 300 Chiral Crystals + 1440 Chemical + 1440 Special Alloys

To craft a bridge in Death Stranding, you need to have PCC Level 1.

Level 1 800 Metal
Level 2 96 Chiral Crystal + 1600 Metal
Level 3 500 Chiral Crystal + 2800 Metal

The final structure that you can craft in Death Stranding is Postbox. It requires you have to access to a Level 1 PCC. Its upgrades and upgrade cost is as follows:

Level 2 200 Metal
Level 3 600 Metal

How to Upgrade and Customize Structures?

Upgrading structures in Death Stranding is as simple as it can get. Provided that you’ve enough upgrade materials, you should easily be able to upgrade any structure that you want. However, you shouldn’t always go for upgrades.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always upgrade buildables that are helpful to other players or the ones that you know you’ll use a lot. Another reason why you should consider upgrading a structure is to unlock customization options.

When it comes to customization options in Death Stranding, your structures can play music, give helpful tips to other players, and even project a hologram.

To unlock these customization options, you need to complete deliveries to various stations spread on the map. There are some holograms unlocked by completing missions but a majority of them are unlocked by leveling up preppers.

Do note that you can’t have holograms and music on a structure at the same time. You’ll have to sacrifice one thing.

This marks the end of our Death Stranding Structures and Upgrades Guide. For more help on Death Stranding, check out our Negating MULE Signals Guide, Chiral Crystals Farming Guide, and Vehicles Repairing Guide.