Death Stranding Pee Guide – How To Pee, How To Weaponize Pee

Death Stranding Pee Guide | How to Increase Carrying Capacity in Death Stranding

Death Stranding Pee Guide will help you with how to pee in the game and how you can weaponize Sam’s urine against the BTs.

How To Pee

There are a couple of ways to pee in Death Stranding. SAM can either pee in his private room, which unlocks early in the game, or just take care of his business on the go.

Go to your private room and locate the toilet. You have two options here, you can either sit or stand. Choose to stand and then use the toilet to pee.

If you can’t make it to the private room then you can pee on the go. Press the right button on the d-pad to open the equipment menu and select the Urinate option.

Select a spot then press and hold L2 and Sam will unzip his pants. Press and hold R2 and Sam will relieve himself. Peeing outside will grow a weird mushroom.

Uses of Pee

If you pee in the Private Room then you can use it to weaponize it against BTs. However, it won’t kill them and will only stun BTs. If you pee in the private room, you’ll receive EX Grenade.

The amount of EX Grenade you receive depends on how much urine is in Sam’s bladder. As for the EX Grenade’s damage, they can only slow BTs down or stun them, allowing you to move away from them. You can also pee directly on BTs that isn’t as effective.

That is all for our Death Stranding pee guide with tips on how to pee and how to weaponize pee against the BTs. For more on Death Stranding also see our Fast Travel Guide and Chiral Crystals Guide.