Death Stranding Likes Guide: How To Gain More Likes

Death Stranding Likes

Likes in Death Stranding is a way to appreciate another player or an NPC to appreciate you. You are accustomed to the liking system on social media this is different but has some similarities. Getting more Likes is beneficial for Sam as it increases his capabilities. There are a lot of ways to get Like during the entire game. This guide will include all the details on Likes in Death Stranding and how to get Likes easily.

How To Get More Likes In Death Stranding

Likes are not that hard to obtain and thankfully the developers have added several a way to earn Likes. There are some activities you can do which might benefit the other online players and they might give you a Like. But don’t worry about not getting one because most activities, if another online player does, will give you a Like automatically.

NPCs Give Likes As A Reward For Delivery

The first common way to earn likes is by completing a simple delivery by different NPCs. Once you finish a delivery your delivery will check to see how much damage it took. If the damage taken is low then you have to chance to get to the amount of Likes and some bonus Likes too.

The more you get your bond increased with the NPCs which give you the deliveries the more Likes you will get. So now what you have to do is during every delivery make sure that the delivery takes minimum damage to get good Likes.

Placing Signs

I for one came across a similar concept like this in Bloodborne. What you do is you put signs up on different areas of the map. The signs can have slight information about the area the other online players are about to enter. You can warn players about traps or enemies ahead etc.

Mostly online people when checking out the signs they leave a Like for the person who put it there so you can earn good Likes by putting signs across the map and not even wasting much time.

Building Structures and Roads

Now how can a person get Likes if he builds something? Well, its simple structures that can help other players move around the map or help in any other way can give you a Like.

For example, if you leave a ladder for someone to climb up to a cliff or something you will get a Like. Don’t worry about the person not giving you the Like because if the person uses your ladder you will automatically get the Like.

If you use someone else’s structure they will get a Like from you whether or not you gave them one or not. You can create watchtowers in areas so that other players can scout around and the Likes will follow. After episode 3 you gain the skill to build roads by yourself.

This can also help other players a lot. You can make roads to areas which are easier, shorter and safer to go through. Not through only online players, you can get Likes but even when NPCs deliver cargo go across your roads you will get Likes.

You can take out MULE camps

As I mentioned earlier that NPCs that make deliveries might go through your roads but on their way they might come across MULE camps. This might decrease the people going across your roads because of the camps.

In order to fix this, you will have to take out time and go and take the Mule camps out by yourself. Once that is done more NPCs will start going across the roads without worry and your Likes will increase a lot.

This marks the end of our Death Stranding Likes guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how to avoid Timefall. You can also check out our guide on how you can beat the Squid boss.