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Death Stranding EX Grenades Guide – Grenades Types, How to Craft


There aren’t many craftable items in Death Stranding. One item that can be crafted and holds very great importance is the EX Grenades. Death Stranding EX Grenades has three types and each can be helpful against the BTs. This EX Grenades Guide will include all the details on how to craft these grenades, their types, and uses as well.

Death Stranding EX Grenades

The unique EX Grenades are easy to craft but are finite so you can’t just go around tossing them everywhere you like.

There are three different types of EX Grenades and all of them are crafted differently but in the same place. First, go to your private room and go to the restroom. Here, you will have to do three things and each will create an EX Grenade with more intensity than the last.

The first one can be made by showering as the EX Grenade requires Sam’s sweat to be crafted. The more the amount of sweat washed away, the greater the quantity of the EX Grenades.

The second one can be made by going over to the toilet and select the standing and doing it option. This will make the grenade more intense than the last. This is not restricted necessarily for your toilet but you can do it out in the open as well.

The third one requires you to go to the toilet and select the sitting and doing it option. The excretion of Sam’s feces will make the grenade of the highest intensity.

For more grenade production eat cryptobiote, which are scattered around the world and then excrete more feces for more EX Grenades.

The use of these grenades are on the BTs that boss around and block your path. Using these grenades onto them can make their outward “shell”? disappear and make them more prone to damage.

You can get rid of BTs blocking your path to your objectives. But as I said earlier they are finite, therefore, use them wisely and don’t even think about missing.

They basically stand most of the time so if you do miss then try getting closer to aim.

This is all we’ve got in our Death Stranding Grenades Guide. For more help on Death Stranding, check out our Structures Guide, How to Pee Guide, and Vehicles Guide.

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