Deadside comes with a range of different weapons. In this guide, we will try to find out what are the best weapons and caliber of rounds they use to make it easier for you to loot.


Deadside Best Weapons

There are Assualt Rifles, Rifles, Snipers, Pistols, and SMGs in Deadside. Each weapon in the game uses a different type of round so you need to loot accordingly.

Weapon  Type  Caliber 
AK-Mod  AR  7.62×39 
AK-SU  AR  5.45×39 
AR4  AR  5.56×45 
P90  SMG  5.7×28 
MR5  SMG  9×19 
UMR45  SMG  .45 
Scorp  SMG  9×18 
IZH-43S (Sawed off Double barrel)  Shotgun  12.70 
IZH-43 (Double barrel)  Shotgun  12.70 
M-133 Pump action  Shotgun  12.70 
MS590 (Assault Style Pump action)  Shotgun  12.70 
N4 (Assault style Auto Shotgun)  Shotgun  12.70 
S85  Rifle  5.56×45 
SVD  Rifle  7.62x54R 
Mosin  Rifle  7.62x54R 
Mosin-K  Rifle  7.62x54R 
Beretta M9  Pistol  9×19 
ISH-43S  Pistol  9×18 
TtK  Pistol  7.62×25 
C1911  Pistol  .45 
Knife  Melee   
Axe  Melee   
Fire Axe  Melee   

 You can loot items at various locations on the map. We have some best loot locations in Deadside that you can check out. You can get weapons and other kinds of loot from AI-controlled enemies on the map. However, they are ruthless and have a pretty good aim. Enemies usually control major roads, towns, and points of interest. If you can find a walkie-talkie you can know if they are nearby. Enemies you kill usually respawn every 5-15 minutes.