The LA in Dead Island 2 became Hell-A after a virus turned everyone into flesh-eating zombies. How this happened remains a mystery until you find the truth journals. These journals are spread across the entire map in Dead Island 2 and you can collect them during main and side missions.

The journals are your main source of what happened in LA. Some of the journals are linked to the sKope units, we have already discussed all sKope unit locations and how to reboot the sKope network. Until you reboot the sKope system you won’t be able to access the journals so while you can pick up the journals, you can’t access some of them until you complete The Search for Truth main mission.

All Truth Journal Locations in Main Missions of Dead Island 2

Journal locations in main missions of Dead Island 2
Desperately Seeking Emma#1: Colt Swanson’s back gate, behind the keypad.
#2: sticky notes on the cabinet in Colt Swanson’s Kitchen.
Room Service for Major Booker#1: The second floor of Halperin Hotel, paper on the wall near the utility room.
O, Michael, Where Art Thou?#1: Michael’s living room in Beverly Hills.
#2: Next to Michael’s TV.
#3: Corkboard in Michael’s kitchen.
#4: Rolodex in Michael’s bedroom.
Kwon With the Wind#1: Inside the wastewater treatment plant outside the Monarch Studios. It is pinned to the fence.
Flushed#1: Venice Storm Drain grate near the locked office.
Beach Offensive#1: Inside one of the wrecked tents in the communications yard.
#2: Same tent where you found the first journal.
#3: Across the tent from the second journal.
#4: Officers’ barracks next to the wrecked tent. Check the bunks!
#5: Officers’ barracks, Hicks bunk has a framed photo with the journal.
#6: Find Hicks in the toilets and kill him to get the journal.
Plumbing the Depths#1: Desk in Bob’s office in the hotel.
#2: Look in the ductwork over Bob’s chair.
#3: Bob’s safe after getting the safe code.
Blood Drive#1: Part of the story when finding Dr. Dorian.
The Search for Truth#1: Party of the story, picked up from the OSK store counter.
#2: Automatically acquired as part of the mission.

That concludes the list of journals you can find in the main missions of Dead Island 2. You can find more collectible journals in side missions. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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