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Dead Island 2 The Clean and the Snatch Lost and Found Quest


In Dead Island 2, your survival depends on your weapons and abilities. To unlock the best gear and skills, you must earn XP by completing missions. One of the earliest available quests, “Clean and Snatch” Lost and Found, rewards players with a new weapon after locating journals scattered throughout the game’s immersive world. However, completing this quest can be challenging, and many players have encountered roadblocks.

In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive walkthrough to help you conquer the Clean and Snatch quest in Dead Island 2. From locating the hidden journals to defeating the undead hordes, we’ll equip you with the strategies and tips you need to succeed.

How to Complete The Clean and the Snatch in Dead Island 2

  • Starting Location: Beverly Hills
  • Requirement: Main Quest O Michael, Where Art Thou?
  • Reward: Electrocutor Officer’s Sword (Unique Weapon), 2000 XP
  • Where to Start the Quest: Take the Journal #1: A Parting Gift at the Pool outside Beverly Hills HQ.

The location where you start the Clean and the Snatch quest has Obi’s Things inside a lockbox. You’ll need to find the key for the box and backtrack to the box later. There are three journals you need to find to complete The Clean and The Snatch Lost and Found quest and unlock Obi’s Things.

The Clean and the Snatch Journal Location #1

The first Journal is inside an empty pool in the north middle of Beverly Hills. The location is easy to find but here’s is an image of the map to help you out:

The Clean and the Snatch Journal Location #2

The second journal is sitting on the sunbeds outside a pool in east Beverly Hills. Here’s an image of the map to help you locate the second journal:

The Clean and the Snatch Location #3

The third and final journal is inside a toxic pool in the middle of Beverly Hills. Here’s an image of the location:

With the journals in hand, your next stop is Bel-Air, which is located. Head over to the Villa known as “GOAT Pen” in the southern part of Bel-Air, recognizable by its grass roof. Once you reach the pool area, you’ll come across a zombie named Obi the Pool Guy. Defeat him and collect the key he drops, and this is the Obi’s Key you need to unlock the box we discussed earlier.

Make your back to the locked box and unlock it using your newly acquired key. Inside the box you will find the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword; thus, concluding The Clean and the Snatch Quest in Dead Island 2.

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