sKOpes are an interesting part of Dead Island 2. Their purpose becomes clear pretty later in the game so for the most part you end up with these useless devices that make a weird noise. Whenever you pick up a sKope it doesn’t work because the server is down. However, there is a lot more to these items once you manage to fix the sKOpes Server. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know: how to fix the sKope server and use sKOpes; and where to find all 25 sKOpes in Dead Island 2.

How to Reboot the sKope Network in Dead Island 2

Rebooting the sKope Network is part of the main storyline in Dead Island 2. All you need to do is play the game until you reach the Search for Truth mission. Once you successfully reboot the system in this mission, you can start collecting 25 sKopes spread across Hell-A in Dead Island 2.

All sKOpe Unit Locations in Dead Island 2

sKopes are spread across each region in Hell-A. You can find them in Bell-Air, Beverly Hills, Monarch Studios and all other locations in the game. Below you will find all 25 sKope locations from Dead Island 2’s Hell-A map.

Bel- Air sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1In the Goat Pen House, under the TV near the kitchen.
#2First floor living room of Curt Swanson.
#3On the coffee table at Emma Jaunt’s

Halperin Hotel sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1Lobby reception desk.
#2Outside the hotel front door, on the table in the baggage check section.

Beverly Hills sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1First floor of Farouk’s House, under the TV.
#2West of Michael Anders’s House, in the master bedroom of the house with the blue roof.
#3Under construction Mansion, Nightstand of the master bedroom.
#4Control room of the wastewater treatment plant.
#5The second floor of the military research facility.

Monarch Studios sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1Inside Alesis Hernandez‘s trailer.
#2Inside Jimmy Montana’s trailer.
#3Inside Kelli Jo Longeteig’s trailer.

Venice Beach sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1Burger 66.
#2Venice Autos garage office.
#3Rodriguez’s Lifeguard tower.

Ocean Avenue sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1OSK Store server room.
#224LA News, second floor conference room.
#3Silver & Steel office inside Lotusville Mall.
#424LA News, second-floor conference room.

Santa Monica Pier sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1Funland Arcade’s office.
#2Lifeguard HQ tower.

The Metro sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1Utility room.

Hollywood Boulevard sKope Locations

sKopeWhere to Find
#1Re-Aging Clinic back room.

That’s the complete list of sKopes you can find in Dead Island 2. If I missed one let me know in the comments below.

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