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Dead Island 2 Krakatoa Axe: How to Get, Mods and Perks

Dead Island 2 Krakatoa Axe Location


In this guide, we will be discussing how to obtain one of the most sought-after weapons in the game: the Krakatoa Axe. This powerful weapon is capable of dealing massive amounts of fire and limb damage to zombies, making it a must-have for any player looking to survive the undead apocalypse.

However, obtaining the Krakatoa Axe is not an easy task, as players must complete a specific side quest to unlock it. Fear not, as we will be walking you through the step-by-step process of completing the quest and getting your hands on this deadly weapon. So, grab your favorite zombie-killing tools, and let’s get started!

How to Get Krakatoa Axe in Dead Island 2

To get the Krakatoa Axe in Dead Island 2 you need to find Steve who is a mission person. This is part of a side mission called Missing: Steve. You won’t be able to play this quest until you get access to the Ocean Avenue area in Dead Island 2. Here’s the mission’s location on the map:

Missing: Steve Lost and Found mission location

As you can see in the image above, the location is inside the Lotusville Mall where you can find a mission person’s board. The notice board is easy to find but if you’re having trouble with it, here’s the board’s location as well:

Mission Steve mission notice board location.

How to Complete Missing: Steve Lost and Found

Once you get Mission: Steve Lost and Found mission, your first objective will be to look for signs and clues about Steve in one of the stages nearby. The set you’re looking for has a kitchen and a bedroom. The bedroom section will have your first clue under the pillow on the bed where you will find Steve’s To-Do List.

Pick up the list and then head to the kitchen to find other clues but beware of a crusher who’ll attack you from behind. When you’re done in the set head outside and enter the trailer near the stage. There is a single zombie inside, kill him and take his phone. Your next objective is to find Steve in Beverly Hills, here’s Steve’s location:

This is where you find Steve in Dead Island 2

Go to Steve’s location shown in the image above where you will find him standing on his balcony. However, the side mission isn’t over yet. You now need to do a favor for Steve and find three zombies and kill them. But killing them isn’t enough, you need to lure each of them to Steve’s patio and wait for him to give the go-ahead.

The three types of zombies you need to lure and kill are:

  1. Inferno Crusher
  2. Firefighter Walker
  3. Vicious Butcher

Once you manage to lure and kill all three types of zombies on Steve’s Patio, the Missing: Steve Lost and Found side mission will be complete. As a reward, you will get the Krakatoa Axe Legendary Axe in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Krakatoa Axe Mod and Perks

What makes the Krakatoa Axe legendary in Dead Island 2 is its amazing mods and perks. By default, it comes with the following mods and perks:

  • Sharp: Maiming a Zombie regains Stamina. Target Limbs for Critical Hits.
  • Superior Melee Cremator Mod: Converts your weapon to inflict Fire Damage and gives a major damage boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the Ignited effect.
  • Reaper: Hitting an Ignited zombie primes the weapon. When primed, Heavy Attacks inflict additional Fire and Limb damage. This effect can stack multiple times.
  • Vampire: Killing a zombie gives a chance to regain health.
  • Tear ‘N Sear: Maiming a Zombie creates a pool of burning fuel beneath its feet.

Krakatoa Axe is the best axe in Dead Island 2. The Krakatoa weapon produces intense heat that highlights the importance of utilizing fire damage. By repeatedly striking and injuring enemies, you can create a spreading inferno that overwhelms unsuspecting targets.

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