If Carla and Bruno aren’t your thing, Dead Island 2 also has Jacob as one of its playable characters. Jacob is somewhat of a tank in Dead Island 2 and has the highest peak health in the game. Jacob is perfect for players who want more health and a good amount of damage.

Like his peers, Jacob also has two Innate Skills that act as passives and his own set of Attributes. In this guide, we will discuss all that you need to know to get started with Jacob and understand how to utilize his skills effectively.

Dead Island 2 Jacob Innate Skills

First, let’s discuss Jacob’s Innate Skills. There are two:

  • Feral
  • Critical Gains


Jacob will get a minor Damage boost when attacking in quick succession. This passive is stackable which means you can rapidly attack enemies to keep stacking damage boost. This is perfect for dealing with tougher zombies.

Dead Island 2 Jacob Skills

Critical Gains

Jacob’s Crit Hits when stamina is low get a moderate Crit Damage boost and regain Stamina. This skill will help you escape dangerous situations.

Dead Island 2 Jacob Attributes

Health Recovery2/5
Crti Damage3/5
Peak Health5/5

How to Play With Jacob

It is best to play with this character in an aggressive manner. The Feral skill’s damage boost when attacking in quick succession encourages players to engage enemies head-on and keep attacking rapidly to build up the damage boost. This makes the character well-suited for close-quarters combat and dealing with tougher zombies.

Additionally, the Critical Gains skill provides a boost to critical hit damage and stamina regeneration when the character’s stamina is low. This encourages players to keep up the attack and take calculated risks to deal high damage and avoid being overwhelmed by enemies.

Overall, playing with this character in an aggressive manner that utilizes their skills to deal high damage quickly while avoiding danger is likely to be the most effective strategy.

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