A game like Dead Island 2 had to have a coop multiplayer mode and thankfully, the developers didn’t disappoint. You and your buddies can get the game together and start smacking zombies around in Dead Island 2 coop multiplayer mode. The coop mode is perfect for simply having fun with friends in the game’s open world but also useful if you’re stuck somewhere in the campaign and need help.

In this guide, we will discuss all the details you need to know on how to play coop with friends in Dead Island 2, so you can create your very own zombie-slaying clan.

How to Play Dead Island 2 Coop Multiplayer

If you want to play Dead Island 2 in co-op multiplayer mode, follow these simple steps:

  • Head to the main menu and either start a new campaign or hit Continue on your existing save file. You can then choose between Single Player mode or join a Public, Invite Only, or Friends Only lobby types.
  • When you’re inside the game enter the pause menu and select “Social” to invite your friends from Epic Games by pressing F1.

You can join a public lobby from the main menu. Also, note that only three players can be in a session. When playing Dead Island 2 in coop, you can choose from a pool of 6 playable characters including Carla, Jacob, Bruno, Dani, Ryan, and Amy.

How to Unlock and Play Coop

How to Unlock Coop Multiplayer in Dead Island 2

You need to play the game for at least an hour before you can unlock coop multiplayer in Dead Island 2. Start the campaign and play until you reach “Call the Cavalry” main mission. During this mission, you get access to Dead Island 2’s coop features.

How to Crossplay in Dead Island 2

When you finally get access to the coop multiplayer you’ll learn that this feature doesn’t work for all platforms. The game does not support cross-brand crossplay which means you need to be on the same platform as your friend to play. PlayStation players can only coop with other PlayStation players and Xbox players are also limited to crossplaying with other Xbox players.

The same is the case with PC; no support for Dead Island 2 crossplay with consoles. However, cross-gen crossplay is supported; PS4 players can game with PS5 players and Xbox One players can slay zombies with Xbox Series X/S players.

Is Crossplay Progression Shared in Dead Island 2

Yes, crossplay progression is shared in Dead Island 2 but you can only play with friends who are either on the same mission as yourself or on an earlier one. Additionally, all items you pick up during your coop sessions with friends or in public lobbies will stay in your inventory.

That’s everything you need to know about Dead Island 2 coop mode. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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