In Dead Island 2, the “Lost & Found” quests offer players a chance to snag top-tier loot and formidable weapons to fend off the relentless hordes of undead in “Hell-A.” One such quest, “Fool’s Gold,” challenges players’ intellect and combat skills as they scour Santa Monica for hidden clues leading to the game’s first legendary weapon.

With this step-by-step walkthrough guide, you’ll unlock the secrets to completing “Fool’s Gold” and acquiring this coveted weapon. As you navigate through the treacherous zombie-infested streets of Santa Monica, you’ll encounter various obstacles, puzzles, and foes that will test your wits and mettle.

How to Complete Fool’s Gold Lost and Found Quest

  • Starting Location: The Pier, Santa Monica
  • Requirement: Finished the Main Story (potentially available a little earlier but after story it will work for sure)
  • Reward: Blood Rage (Unique Dagger), 2000XP
  • Where to Start the Quest: Kill a Crusher called Dante at the Pier after the story
start Fool's Gold lost and found quest at this location.

Kill Dante at the Pier and pick up the Journal to trigger Fool’s Gold quest. Your objective is to find three Journals to complete Fool’s Gold quest.

Fool’s Gold Journal Location #1 – Ransack Randy’s Locker

Randy’s Locker is located near Dante where some gym equipment is. It can be found at the end of the building, where you’ll also see some. To get the Journal: Deep Shit, simply interact with the locker on the left.

Fool’s Gold Journal Location #2 – Dante’s Meet-Up Point

You can locate Journal: Meeting of the Minds by walking to the far end of the path in the south-east corner of the pier. At the edge of the map, you will come across a little bench positioned close to the water’s corner. The blue railing next to the bench makes it easy to spot.

Fool’s Gold Journal Location #3 – Randy’s Burner Phone

To find Journal: Flaws in the Plan, head towards the northwest corner of the map where an alleyway flanked by restaurants is situated. Keep an eye out for some trash lying nearby. Amongst the scattered rubbish, you’ll need to retrieve the journal to mark the end of your journey in following the Paper Trail and securing Randy’s Burner Phone. With these items in hand, you can finally unearth and open the concealed safe.

Finding and Opening the Safe

You can find the buried safe to the east of the Lifeguard HQ. Once you’re outside the Lifeguard HQ, look for a small path located behind the building. The safe is buried in the sand roughly in the middle of this path.

Once you’ve eliminated the zombies in the area, interact with the buried safe to uncover it. Your efforts will be rewarded with the Blood Rage legendary weapon; thus, concluding Fool’s Gold Lost and Found quest in Dead Island 2.

Journals are important in Dead Island 2 so it is important to know where to find them, check out our Journal locations guide. Have something to add, let us know in the comments below.

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