If Carla and Jacob don’t impress you, then we suggest looking into Bruno. He is one of the playable characters you can pick in Dead Island 2 and is perfect for anyone looking to be aggressive. He is tough and comes with the highest crit damage, great for putting down the most notorious zombie types in Dead Island 2.

Like his peers, Bruno also has two Innate Skills as his passives and his Attributes are impressive. In this guide quick guide, we will go through everything you need to know about Bruno’s Innate Skills, Attributes, and how to best utilize his abilities in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Bruno Innate Skills

First, let’s talk about Bruno’s Innate Skills. There are two:

  • Backstab
  • Rapid Reprisal


Bruno gets a moderate damage boost when attacking enemies from behind in Dead Island 2. This means that stealth attacks are the most effective when playing with Bruno. Your gameplay should be focused heavily on stealth but of course, that’s just my personal recommendation.

Dead Island 2 Bruno Skills

Rapid Reprisal

Bruno gets Agility and Heavy Attack Charge boost when he avoids attacks with a Block or Dodge. This Innate Skill will help Bruno escape tough situations or it also is used to deal with tougher zombies. Simply dodge their attacks and land Heavy Attack Charges.

Dead Island 2 Bruno Attributes

Health Recovery3/5
Crti Damage5/5
Peak Health1/5

How to Play With Bruno

It would be best to play with Bruno in a stealthy manner. The Backstab skill provides a significant damage boost when attacking enemies from behind, making stealth attacks the most effective way to deal damage. This means that players should focus on avoiding detection and maneuvering behind enemies to take advantage of the Backstab skill.

Additionally, the Rapid Reprisal skill provides a boost to agility and a heavy attack charge when Bruno avoids attacks with a block or dodge. This makes it easier for players to escape dangerous situations and deal with tougher zombies by dodging their attacks and quickly charging up heavy attacks.

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