Dead Cells: Fatal Falls Items Locations Guide

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls Items Locations Guide

With the release of Fatal Falls DLC for Dead Cells, there are new items to chase after in the game. These items add to the overall build diversity and can be incredibly powerful if used correctly. To get these items, players need to access the new biomes added to the game with Fatal Falls. In this guide, we’ve shared the locations of all the new items added with Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC.

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls Items Locations

Below is an overview of all the new items added to Dead Cells with the release of Fatal Falls DLC:

Iron Staff
The very first hit from the Iron Staff lets players parry melee hits which results in increased Critical Hit Chance. In order to get it, players need to defeat Stone Wardens in the game.

Snake Fangs
This melee weapon teleports players to the nearest available enemy. After teleporting, players poison the target to deal 4 DPS for 15 seconds. Landing 5 or more poison marks lets players land Critical Hits. To get the Snake Fangs, players must defeat the Cold-Blooded Guardians.

Serenade is a talking pet sword in Dead Cells: Fatal Falls that can be used both as a skill and as a melee weapon. In order to find it, players must head over to a secret island in the Fractured Shrines and then defeat a mini-boss to retrieve it from a vault. To learn more about how to access the said vault, feel free to check out our detailed Serenade Weapon guide.

Lightning Rods
Lightning Rods is a Power Skill in Fatal Falls that lets players place 2x lightning rods to attract lightning that strikes all nearby enemies for 30 DPS. In order to unlock the skill, players need to farm Failed Homunculi in the game.

Ferryman’s Lantern
Ferryman’s Lantern or simply Lantern is a melee weapon in Dead Cells: Fatal Falls that lets player gather the soul of a defeated enemy or a boss. To get the weapon, Apostates must be slain in the game.

With Cocoon, players can parry in all directions while dealing 30 DPS. If players manage to land a successful parry, it will completely reset the cooldown. In order to get Cocoon, players must open the correct door with purple symbols on top of it. Remember that if an incorrect door is opened, all three doors will get locked.

Scarecrow’s Sickles
What this Power Skill does is that it flies to a target and deals massive Critical Hits before returning to the players. It’s dropped by Scarecrow on the very first kill.

These are all the items and their locations in Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Dead Cells: Fatal Falls wiki guides.

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