Dead By Daylight is a great game but its crashing on Windows and comes with a range of other issues. Dead By Daylight keeps crashing on startup, has a black screen and freezing issues among other problems.

Many of the game’s bugs are making it unplayable for many users of Steam. Dead By Daylight errors include server issues, crashes, the game not starting and performance issues and low FPS. The good news is that there fixes for these problems which we are going to list in this article today.

Dead By Daylight Windows Crash, Errors, Low FPS, Server Errors

Before getting started on what you need to do to fix Dead By Daylight Windows Crash, Errors,  and other problems, let’s get the basics out of the way first. Check Dead By Daylight system requirements and see if your PC is good enough to run the game. At least the minimum system requirements.

Dead By Daylight Windows Crash Fix

Dead By Daylight crashing on Windows PCs is a real issue for many players there are a few fixes you can try to make sure your game runs smoothly. The game can crash on the main menu, gameplay or any other situation. Here are the fixes you can try.

Check Graphics Drivers – One of the things you can do if check to see if you have updated graphics drivers on your AMD or Nvidia graphics card. However, if you have updated graphics and the game is still crashing on Windows PCs, rollback your graphics drivers to an older version to possibly fix Dead By Daylight crashes and errors.

Verify File of Game Files  Dead By Daylight crashing can occur if some of the data is corrupted. The game might crash or even refuse to launch of its files are corrupted. Check file integrity by opening Steam, right-click the game and go to properties. From there go to the local files tab and verify the integrity of game files.

Turn-Off Nvidia Overlay – There might be some compatibility issues causing Dead By Daylight to crash. Turn off Nvidia Overlay as it can cause the game to crash at times.

Disable Steam Overlay – Steam’s Overlay can also cause issues and errors in Dead By Daylight. Turn off Steam Overlay from the properties of the game in Steam. You will find this option in the general tab. Uncheck “Enable Steam Community In-Game.”

Run As Administrator – Many users report that allows administrative permissions to the game’s executable files resolve the crashing problem. Go to the properties of the game in Steam and head to the local files tab. Click on browse local files and a new window of options will open. Go to the compatibility tab and check “Run this program as an administrator.”

Server Disconnection Fix

Server issues have been around for a while in Dead By Daylight but over the past few days, they have gotten worse. Server issues come from the developer’s side but just in case you can check if there is something wrong at your end. The first thing you should do is check your internet connection, router, and test your internet speed and ping. When playing the game see if there are any background processes on Windows 10 that are sucking your internet connection dry. Windows 10 often downloads updates in the background that can affect Steam games.


When you click on the game the launcher stops working and reads “Game client encountered an application error. (Error Code: 23).” What you need to do is check if your graphics drivers and Windows drivers are up to date. Download Microsoft’s Visual C++ 2015 or 2017 x64 redistributable and put to repair.

Dead By Daylight Black Screen Fix

Fixing the black screen in Dead By Daylight might be a real hassle for you. But if you want a fix there is indeed a fix for this problem.  We figured out the config files were not populating after install.

They are located under C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor. You need to enable show hidden files and folders. Check the .ini files and see if they are populated. Install on another computer or laptop and the .inis should be filled. Copy them over to your main desktop and replaced the files.

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