New information has surfaced regarding the development of DayZ 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular survival game. Leaked court documents from Microsoft court filings have raised questions about the fate of the project, leaving fans eager for answers.


DayZ was allegedly canceled in 2020 due to the closure of Bohemia Interactive’s Bratislava studio. However, an intriguing detail emerges as an internal Microsoft document from 2021 mentions Bohemia is working on Arma Reforged, Arma 4, and DayZ 2. So either Microsoft was not in possession of accurate information as of 2021 regarding DayZ’s cancellation, or Bohemia Interactive could still be secretly working on DayZ 2 alongside their highly anticipated title, Arma IV.

Earlier leaks had fueled excitement among fans, suggesting that DayZ 2 had been a genuine project in development at Bohemia Interactive. The leaks originated from a Twitter user who claimed to have connections within the studio. The leaker, Biosphere, mentioned that the Bratislava branch of Bohemia Interactive had been tasked with the creation of DayZ 2 but it had been put on hold following the closure of the studio.

The alleged details surrounding DayZ 2 indicated that the game would have taken place in Norway instead of Chernarus or Livonia, featuring elements such as zombie hordes and zombie animals. Additionally, it was rumored that assets from another Bohemia Interactive title, Vigor, would have been utilized, and the game would have been built on the Enfusion Engine.


However, conflicting information arises when considering the closure of Bohemia Interactive’s Bratislava branch in April 2020. At the time, it was stated that the closure would not impact DayZ’s development.

The studio had mainly provided intermittent support for the project rather than being solely dedicated to it. This ambiguity suggests that either the closure was unrelated to DayZ or that the studio comprised knowledgeable developers who may have had insights into DayZ and its potential successor.

In a 2019 annual report, Bohemia Interactive mentioned multiple ongoing projects planned for the new Enfusion Engine, which included DayZ 2. However, this statement was made several months before the closure of the Bratislava studio. It remains unclear whether one or more of these projects are still in development.

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