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Dave The Diver Weight Limit Guide: How To Increase, Tips


One of the major limits you have when diving in Dave the Diver is your weight limit, which is your carrying capacity. By default, this is 9 kilograms. Once you go over this limit, your movement speed will slow down. In this Dave the Diver guide, we go over how you can increase your weight limit and carrying capacity.

How To Increase Weight Limit In Dave The Diver

The more your weight limit or carrying capacity, the more resources you can get each time your dive. During Chapter 1, you will unlock the iDiver app, which you access from your phone. This gives you multiple upgrade options. You want to upgrade Cargo Box to increase your weight limit. Each upgrade costs gold, but upgrading the Cargo Box to level 3 will increase your carrying capacity to 19 kilograms, which is ideal for the early parts of the game.

iDiver app Cargo box upgrade dave the diver

Progress the story further, and you will unlock Cobra’s Premium Shop. You can buy different items here that are going to help you on your dive. The selection changes often, and if you are lucky, you can find the Underwater Cargo Box. This is a special underwater box that can store up to 10 kilograms of resources. Once you go back to the boat, the items you stored in the box will automatically be retrieved. The only drawback is that this can only be used once, and then you need to buy it again.

Other Carrying Capacity Tips

If you reach the weight limit during your dive, then you can press the escape key on your keyboard to open your inventory. Here you will find all the resources that you have picked up during your dive. You can then drop items to reduce your weight.

Once you progress the game enough, you will unlock the underwater drone. You can use this to extract large fish. So you do not need to carry them yourself, and you can save up on some carrying weight. By default, you can only use the drone once, but you can upgrade it to get multiple uses.

Underwater Drone Dave The Diver

This is what you need to know about increasing your weight limit and carrying capacity in Dave the Diver. If you want to learn more, then you can check out our guide on the best weapons in the game. You can also check out our guide on night diving.

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