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Dave the Diver features a variety of sea creatures that you can find and catch. You might have noticed Seahorses in the game and wondered if you could catch them. They are not there for decoration, and you can catch them, but how you can do that is not clear from the start. In this Dave the Diver guide, we go over how you can catch Seahorses during your dives.

How To Catch Seahorses In Dave The Diver

To catch Seahorses in Dave the Diver, you will need the Bug Ne. This cannot be bought from Duff and is not available in weapons caches in the Blue Hole. It can be obtained by completing a request from Maki.

Getting The Bug Net In Dave The Diver

Maki will come to your sushi bar in chapter 2 and ask you to make her Kombu and White Trevally Ochazuke. To make the dish, you will need White Trevally, Soy Sauce, and Kelp. Soy Sauce and Kelp can be found in the shallow parts of the Blue Hole. Soy Sauce is found in red pots. You can find White Trevally 50-130 meters deep before heading into the depths. This is a mid-sized fish with yellow eyes and yellow stripes.


Once you have all the ingredients for the dish, come to the sushi bar and serve the dish to Maki, and she will reward you with the Bug Net. This will allow you to catch sea creatures that you cannot catch with the harpoon, including Clione and Seahorses.

Bug Net In Dave The Diver

All Seahorses In Dave The Diver

The following are all the different Seahorses that you can catch in Dave the Diver once you have the Bug Net:

Seahorse NameSize (cm)Location
White Seahorse16Depth 130-250m, Day
Big-Belly Seahorse35Depth: 0-50m, Day
Crowned Seahorse10In Tenzhin’s house on the Sea people’s village second level (use teleporter), Depth 130-250m, Day
Dwarf Seahorse5Sea People’s seed store (next to restaurant in Sea People’s Village), Depth 50-130m
Giraffe Seahorse10Next to the portal in Sea People’s Village, Depth 50-130m, Day
Hedgehog Seahorse10Right next to the restaurant (after exiting the Seed Shop in Sea People’s Village), Depth 50-130m, Day
Jayakar’s Seahorse14Depth: 0-50m, Day
Lined Seahorse17Depth 130-250m, Day
Long-Snouted Seahorse21Depth: 0-50m, Day
Pacific Seahorse19Depth: 0-50m, Day
Spotted Seahorse30
Tiger-Tail Seahorse18Depth 50-130m, Day
Zebra Seahorse15
Spiny Seahorse17Depth 50-130m, Day
Weedy Seadragon43
Leafy Seadragon35
Ruby SeadragonSpawns from breaking Ruby nodes (collecting Ruby ore) in the Hydrothermal Vent region (lowest area).

This is how you can catch Seahorses in Dave the Diver. To learn more, check out our guide on how you can catch Moray Eel. You can also check out our guide on how to catch Tuna.


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