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Dave The Diver Night Diving Guide: How To Unlock, What’s Different


From the get-go, you can only dive twice during the daytime in Dave the Diver. You can, however, unlock the ability to go night diving. The game does not explain that this is an option or how you can unlock it. In this Dave the Diver guide, we go over how you can unlock night diving and how it is different from diving during the day.

Note: Night diving does take up one-third of the evening, which means that your sushi bar will not be open while you are night diving.

How To Unlock Night Diving In Dave The Diver

Progress the game until you reach chapter two. Otto will come to your sushi bar as part of the ‘A Noisy Customer’ mission and ask for Moray Eel Curry. This requires Moray Eel, which can only be caught at night. This will unlock night diving in Dave the Diver.

Dave The Diver Night Diving

How Is Night Diving Different?

There are certain fish that only appear at night. Eels, for example, hide during the day. You might have encountered one that is hiding and jumped out just to attack you during the day. These creatures come out of hiding and swim freely at night.

The number of aggressive sea creatures also increases at night, so diving at night is dangerous. Make sure you have properly geared up with the right weapons for the best chance of survival. Lastly, how deep you can explore is also limited at night.

Tips For Night Diving

If you are interested in night diving, then be sure to have the right gear and upgrade your gear accordingly. Upgrading your Air Tanks will allow you to have more oxygen, which means being able to stay underwater longer before having to top-up your oxygen.

We also recommend upgrading your weapons. If you are targeting specific fish, then have the appropriate weapon ready to go. This will save you the hassle of having to open weapon caches and hoping to find the right weapon.

If you are low on oxygen, then explore near an extraction pod site, so you can easily make it to the surface in case your oxygen runs out. Extraction pods take longer to reach you the deeper you are, but that is not going to be an issue when night diving since how deep you can dive is limited.

This is how you can unlock night diving in Dave the Diver and how it is different from diving during the day. To learn more, check out our guide on how you can catch jellyfish. You can also check out our guide on how you can unlock all achievements in the game.

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